Key Advantages of Using Proxy Server for Link Building

SEO is a buzzword in the world of internet marketing. If you are one of the SEO professionals, you must be well aware of a Proxy server or Proxy. Here are a few points regarding how a proxy server is advantageous for link building:

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It is a program, website or software that allows connecting to the computer accSEO is a buzzword in the world of internet marketing. If you are one of the SEO professionals, you must be well aware of a Proxy server or Proxy.essing the internet (in short, client) and the destination website the computer trying to surf. Apart from all types of the proxy, the most known are forward and reverse proxy which is also known as a private dedicated proxy.

After knowing the fundamentals of proxy, next thing is to know about link building. A link is something that connects 2 web pages. It either connects the article to a particular category or a home page or a similar website. The process of building links actively in order to create a more reputed connection that leads back to your page or website is called link building.

Link building ultimately helps to increase the traffic on a particular website or a web page. Here are a few points regarding how a proxy server is advantageous for link building:

- To access competitors' websites

When you want to increase traffic on a website, you would definitely do research on competitor's website to learn more about their content or services. This thing makes you aware of the changes you need to make in order to earn genuine traffic on a deserving website/page.

- To handle lots of social media

You might need to manage many social platforms if you or your business is providing digital marketing services. You handle lots of social media accounts on behalf of your clients such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. For this, you would be making ample of requests for various accounts from the same IP address.

Any of the social media sites can block you if they detect your activities and take it as spamming. Managing all the activities of social media accounts through a different Proxy server makes it appear like a normal activity. The proxy makes it look like each activity is coming from a different IP address.

- To send queries to Google, Bing or any other search engine

If you are working on the same IP address every day or many people working from the same office network, all activities would be done from the same IP address. So if you and others around you use a keyword ranking software which looks like a Denial of Service attack to the Search Engines. They might block you from doing so in order to prevent you from further searching. Sending requests from Proxy Server reduce those chances and also can help you to speed up your reports of keyword ranking.

- To browse as if you are in some other country

Most Search Engines or websites serve content depends on that particular region or the country. Regulate it by detecting your IP address and by looking up in a commercial Geo - IP. It works something like this: If your SEO agency is based in the USA but you have a client in the UK, the results of your Google searches will be different than the results your client gets. That's because Google is trying to help you out with personalized results.

SEO packages such as AWR - Advanced Web Ranking, Rank Tracker, and WebCEO, imitate this by altering the parameters it sends to Google. It is a trick to make Google think that you are surfing from a different or some regional location. Sometimes it does not work with all the software or Search Engines.

- To create several local websites without taking a punch

Whether you run a local business or a national business, if you need traffic to promote your business, you would require creating websites for different locations. For example, you can present a list of the megacities of your country (or other countries as well) for which you want to create websites.
Constructing just websites is not enough as you need to engage with local SEO which is possible with the help of proxies.

You put a lot of efforts and hard work to create unique sites for various locations. You apply different keywords and design structure to make it look distinct and not some random copied/duplicate website. But then you would require to set up accounts for Google Places for each of these websites. If you do it without a proxy server, you are likely to create one or two accounts only. With the help of proxy servers, you can create as many accounts as you want that looks authentic and real. Thus, it enables you to accomplish what you desire to do.

- Generate significant traffic without being exposed

Search engines approve popular sites on the web. So if your website or a web page getting enough of the traffic, search engine gives it a hit which helps you to get a higher rank. The chances are that your website can appear on the front page of Google. For all of these leverage, you need a lot of marketing. It is exhausting to create websites from various locations and even more challenging to promote all of them from the same IP address.

How do you do it? You can not spend years of years to wait for increased traffic on your website. You would need to use tricks and strategies for their marketing. At this point, the only assistance you can opt for is the proxy. When you use tools like Senuke, Xrumer, GSA, SER with a proxy server, you can achieve all the traffic you wish to have on your page/site. Proxy favors you to hide your IP address and keeps you from Google's analysis of fraud sites. Thus, you can attain more traffic on your desired site without being exposed.

If you are craving for an active online presence, the proxy is essential to use. Proxy server makes it simple to run a vigorous SEO campaign without demanding lots of time. Thus, it offers a great assistance to build links and promote business or services at a new level.

Thus, a majority of SEO agencies use Proxy Server services provided by to assist the overseas clients. They, at last, get personalized results just like their clients. That helps greatly as it enables SEO professionals to improve the traffic of a website or a web page in a particular area as per a client's demand.


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