Is DayZ game ever going to come to consoles?

DayZ is one of those rarest PC exclusive games everyone is hoping to come to consoles as well, but is this game ever going to come to consoles? Let's find out.


For those who don't know, DayZ is a PC exclusive Zombie shooting game which is still in early alpha stages and is scheduled to launch some time in 2015. But the question is, will it ever come to consoles? This is what we are trying to get an answer to.

Running out of ammo is quite a norm in the world where the humans are almost non-existent. Those who are left, spend their day in fear that they might as well get struck and bitten by some rotten walking corpses. They like to call these infected people 'Walkers' – walking without knowing who they are and what they are. They are dead, but not quite dead. What are they then? It's really unexplainable as there is still no cure for it. The thing is, there are probably not going to be any cure in the future for this ailment and the whole human population might as well go down. But we, the remaining survivors, must try to survive and give a chance for all the remaining kids to live the life and let the world run in peace.

It's really quite an amazing tale which is not only persistent, but have tons of potential to be great. PC players are already enjoying the Early Access alpha of DayZ with no firm release date in sight. It doesn't matter anyway as long as we get to play the game. It's insanely popular with them right now, but what about those who done; have a gaming PC What about those who own the current-gen consoles? Is it ever going to come to consoles?

The ever alpha game

DayZ has been in alpha for as long as I can remember. It launched back in early 2013 as an early Alpha project and since then developers are hard at work, but the game is still in Alpha. They don't even have a date for Beta test right now. So you can imagine that the game is going to take a long time before it will be released on PCs. Let's not even bring the poor consoles in perspective here.

Focus on PC

Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ game, has made it clear to everyone that while it's possible that the game might find its way to the consoles, there is way too much going on right now on the PC that it's not possible for them to work on the console version at the same time. Let's not forget that developing a game, especially an online one is much easier on PC than on consoles, and they are finding it really hard to progress further in development.

But more power to those who are still holding out on the console version. On a serious note, if you really want to have the true DayZ experience, buy the game for PC already and come join the Elite army. It's more fun this way than taking assistance of auto-aim on consoles.

The power of next-gen

Even if DayZ were to come on consoles, it wouldn't have been on previous-gen consoles. There is no way that this huge game could fit into those tiny weak boxes. But current-gen consoles makes it a whole different ball game. T has the required crude force this game will need to fit into the console and do justice to it, but as I stated above, it's really obvious that they don't have any plans for the console port at this moment?

So is DayZ coming to consoles? I would say. It looks doubtful right now for the time being.

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