Photon Computers As The Future (New generation computers or quantum computers )

This article give you an idea about,what is a photon computer,Why this type of computers are Useful.This article also describes about the Concept of photon computers and Advantage of photon computers over normal computers.

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What is Photon Computer?

photon computer
Photon computer is a high speed, highly accurate computing system which uses photons produced from any source for computing purpose.
Optical components are used in the designing of photon computer.Researches are going on, for the development of photon computers.

Why this type of computers are Useful?

Photon computers are faster than normal computers.
They are energy efficient and computation speed will be 10 times greater.
In recent years almost all the computers will be replaced by photon computers due to Its reliability, cost efficiency and low power consumption.

Concept of Photon computers.


As the need for computing speed is increasing dramatically will there by increase the need for more faster computers.Thus by introducing photon computers we can solve this problem.
They can solve more complex algorithms,execute lengthy programs within seconds,do faster data encryption as well as decryption, faster data conversion and also complete more complex calculations.

The main advantage of photon is that the data transmitter from transmitter to the receiver will arrive the destination without any attenuation. This is because the photons are least affected by the medium through which they are transmitted.
They can be transmitted through coaxial cables ,wire and even through air.
In normal computers the data is processed in the form of binary code, the output will also be of a binary format o's and 1's.

As we cannot under stand machine language these binary code are converted into respective readable format for our ease.
Hence ,in normal computers the data is stored in the form of bits.
But if we consider a Photon computer the data is stored in a unit called 'qbits'. They are manufactured using laser and magnetic resonating components.
Due to this features the computation will be exponentially faster than the normal computers.

fiber optic cables

Various experiments are conducted for analyzing the working and construction of Photon computers. Most of the experimental setup consist of a laser which will produce a coherent laser beam, which travel in unique direction.This laser beam is directed towards a target element which is used to emit a specific quantity of photons which may vary according to the amount and the intensity of the laser beam.
The laser beam is focused and precisely directed towards the target element using one ore more reflecting mirrors.

Advantage of photon computers over normal computers.

  • Normal computers are using transistors as the basic design element and they consume huge power for their computing process.But in photon computers the emission of photons will be less power consuming.
  • The quantum processors will be even more smaller than normal processors.
  • The logic gates can be implemented very successfully using this technology.This will increase the application and decrease the manufacturing cost.
  • They are having more processing speed more operation controlling capabilities.
  • They are faster in performing high logical calculations and to perform difficult algorithms.
  • Photons are not attenuated while data transmission.
  • They are not affected by the medium through which they are transmitted.
  • These computers have higher Hashing speed than normal system.
  • The hashing power to current consumption ratio of normal computers will be greater the that of photons computers, hence they need less power for handling a same operation done by a normal computer

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