Should you support Kingdom Core deliverance crowdfunding campaign?

Kingdom Core has been on our radar for quite some time ever since this game has been announced. But should the dubious-looking crowdfunding campaign be supported? Let's fund out.


Crowdfunding a game have been a double-edged sword for both developers and the funders. While it's an easy way to get some money before you start developing your game, the pressure of delivering upon all the promises made at the time of accumulating funds, is so much that they succumb to death most of the times.
In these difficult times when everything in the gaming industry seems to haywire, you'd imagine that a small Polish studio wouldn't be able to change and turn things around. How can they succeed when big publishers like EA and Ubisoft find it incredibly hard to maintain a level of profitability? Things are more difficult and dour than they used to be back in inception. Nowadays people want something different other than ordinary gaming experiences these companies are used to creating. If you are not innovative and keeping your customers engaged, you are going to lose them gradually one after one.

Same law applies for crowdfunding as well. It's not even a tiny bit different from how the games are developed. You really need to sell your ideas to gamers and make them buy your concepts. If you can do that, half your work is that. This is something the Polish Studio, developers behind Kingdome Core, has understood perfectly and have adapted their campaigning for money accordingly. And you can say that they couldn't have been more right about it. See what it has managed to do. Now they are playing in millions. Yes, it's true that this game has amassed more than 2 million dollars in crowdfunding already. It means that people are paying for only ideas –something that is yet to be morphed into a full game. It's really amazing how they managed to do that, especially when it's a role playing game, which is always kind of hard to sell. Well, we shouldn't dwell over much as to how they managed to do it. The point here is, should we support their campaign and contribute to the funds?

The revolution

In the past whenever one wanted to make an AAA game or even an AA game, they needed to resort to greedy publishers like EA, Activision or Ubisoft. And as you'd imagine, they would suck all creativity and energy out of those poor teams and when they are not of any use, they would just shut down the whole studio.

But times are changing for the better now. It's not like the old dour system anymore where the developers had to bow down before their lords-like-publishers and ensure them the concept is going to make them a lot of money. Gone those times when developers had to ditch an innovative idea just because the suns in suits weren't convinced that this game can sell.

The rise of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo is like a panacea for most of the developers as now they can be free. They can transform their dreams into reality. Hey can stretch their innovation muscle as much as they want and show off how great it can be when they actually launch a game. It's time we say goodbye to the old developer and publisher relationship in the wake of the new and more transparent relationship between gamers and developers. Publishers are not going to get a cut in this newly formed system.

Kingdom Core Deliverance

The best thing about this game is, there is no big greedy publisher involved in the making of this game. So, there are chances that you are not going to get a shitty game like Battlefield 4 or any other usual game backed by a big publisher. If you are suspicious about the game, you should really have a look at the trailer and some other gameplay footage that emerged just recently. Although, there is not much to see, it showcases enough to get you intrigued about the game.

The hustling city with its busy schedule, people going about their daily jobs and following their day and night schedule and the pretty graphics with its dizzying shine is more than enough for any true RPG fan to get behind this game.

The fact that there will be no unnecessary fancy stuff like multiplayer in this game makes a true fan more excited about what's impending. It indirectly implies that developers will give all the time to the single-player facet of the game – the part we care the most about.

I am pretty sure that we are not going to regret about the money we have invested in the game when it launches in 2015. After all, Polish studios know how to make great RPGs. What more a proof do you need than Witcher series? It's amazing, isn't it? No, then we can't be friends anymore.

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