Is Diablo 3 going to come to Xbox One ever?

Diabolo 3's success is a dream for any developer, but it's surrounded with so many mysteries even after 2 years of it being launched. Will it ever come to Xbox One? There are a few indications that it might not some to Xbox One ever. But I am sure that they will port the game to Xbox One sooner rather than later. Here is why.


There is no doubt that as good as game Diablo 3 is, it's also one of the most controversial ones in the market right now. Launched back in 2012 exclusively on PCs, it rose to fame when it sold more than 6 million copies alone in just a few months. You know how impressive this figure really is when you consider the fact that PC exclusives seldom sell this many copies. So, what's controversial about it? Well, a lot of things, as it turn out.

First of all, the unnecessary inclusion of always-on DRM for PC gamers when they could easily let us play it offline is nothing short of perplexing to say the least. Why didn't they give us access to offline servers when they could do it for other platforms? Apparently, PS4 gamers can play it offline for as long as they want. Isn't it unfair for us PC gamers? Not only PS4, but for all the other consoles including Xbox 360 and PS3, the game can easily be accessed offline as well if you want to.

Well, we all know that real fun is in being online playing co-op or multiplayer with friends. But still having an option to play game without needing to connect to internet is always a bonus. So it seems that depriving gamers of being able to play offline is really evil. It's nothing new for Blizzard as they are always concerned with making more money than anything else. They don't care what their user base thinks about them. As long as they are sucking us dry of our money, they are happy.

Xbox 360 and PS3 launch

Anyways, enough of my ratings. I believe that going further is only going to derail this topic. Talking about Diablo 3, though, it seems that, contrary to Blizzard's promises of keeping Diablo 3 confined to PC platform turned out to be false after all. Conversely, they launched the game for Xbox 360 and PS3, albeit a tad later than PC release. It only proves that we shouldn't believe even a word these guys spew out of their mouth. These evil corporates in black suit are nothing more than a pack of scammers striving to reach our wallet at any cost.

That's why they included the always-on DRM for PC in the first place. If they wanted, they could let us play offline as well, but then Diablo 3 would have been more prone to piracy as it would have been easy for the crackers to find a loophole and distribute the game for free. So it turns out that they created all this drama just for the sake of curbing piracy.

Possibility of an Xbox One port

Whatever the case may be, it's pretty overt that they are doing ports for the sake of money, and not because they care for console gamers. That's why they ported Diablo 3 to consoles later on as they sought more profit in the process and they somewhat succeeded in that. Now they are looking to do the same with next-gen consoles as they are prepping for a PS4 launch. While PS4 is sure to get the tease of this Dungeon Crawler game, Blizzard is not so sure about Xbox One. They have stated that they are still working on it and testing the game machines on this console, but they are not sure if they could actually port it to Xbox One.

Considering that they said the same thing for PS3 and Xbox 360, but they ported the game later on, there is no reason why it wouldn't come to our beloved console. Why would someone waste their resources on testing something if it's not going to work? Moreover, it seems that their 'testing' has been going on for quite some time now. So, there is every reason to believe that Diablo 3 is coming to Xbox One soon.

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