Dark Souls 2 Review: Cheats, Tips and Tricks to play Dark Souls

Dark Souls was one hell of a game to finish up, but one will have to agree on the fact that it was a gem. So how does the much-awaited sequel fares? Let's find out in this review of Dark Souls 2.


Death comes to every living being on this planet. It's inevitable and it's terrible. But Dark Souls 2 begs to differ in this matter. You die a lot, I mean, really a lot. And there is nothing you can do about it. The string attached with death is that it's always painful, but every agonizing death in Dark Souls 2 is beautiful. With every death, you learn something new. I learned, for instance, to not be over-confident while approaching even tiniest of enemies looking infirm from afar. Because after dying countless times, I now know that a single shot from their trivial bow can end my journey. Take one step in the wrong direction or even set a foot in the hall without any light, you'll be dead within a minute as these hellish creatures looming around the corners of every dark hall want you dead. They have come here for one purpose – to send you back to where you came from. They don't want to you to cleanse the earth. So it's up to you to give or keep fighting. Well, we all know that giving up is not an option, because it's a game that you are going to have to play if you want to enjoy it. Giving up on it would mean not buying this game which renders this article almost useless for you. So if you are still with me, you want to play this game.

When you will be on your playthrough, you will learn that too, but learning it from trial and error method is the best way. While it may frustrate you a little, believe me, once you start getting the hang of it, you will enjoy it like there is no tomorrow. So, let's talk about it in more detail:

The sprawling city

The original Dark Souls game never welcomed you. They threw some gruesome predicaments at us straightaway as soon as we booted up the game. If you didn't like the treatment Dark Souls give you, you are going to like what Dark Souls 2 has to offer to you. It's much more open and accessible to apprehensive players now. Those who couldn't get in due to the steep difficulty can breathe easy now.

The addition of a better tutorial and a stetting city has certainly eased up things a tad. But don't even think that they have scaled down the difficulty level even one bit. Nah, far from it mate. Playing a Dark Souls game is no child's play. It demands every ounce of your attention and concentration; otherwise you are going to wind up dead in no time. Heck. Even killing the very first guy would be such a mammoth task for you if you are not wary of his attack patterns.

The tutorial in town is the closest you can get to an affable and easy game. Besides that, you are on your on to ace nightmarish hideous creatures from hell.

All hell breaking lose

The Dark Souls is set in medieval era where all the hell has broken lose and demons are setting their foot on the earth. You are the only one who can stop it. It's not easy though. They are tougher, albeit lacking the rationality and sense. You have them. So, you need to make sure that you use your stamina and health bar to the fullest if you want to progress further.

Anyone can invade

Be it your friends or strangers, if you are playing online, you will be invaded by other players for sure. There is no guarantee that they will be peaceful. While most of them will offer you their help to beat your foes, others will be pitting against you for a challenge. If you lose, you'll lose a portion of your humanity as well as all your gears and experience points. So, while playing co-op and multiplayer is fun, it's also a pain when you are not an expert. My two cents; never try co-op up until you get the hang off this game very well and know what you are doing. If you don't want to keep losing your gear every time, follow my advice.

Not a casual game

For those of you hoping for a casual game, there ain't one at all. If you even thought that this game is going to show some mercy to newcomers, you couldn't be more wrong. Like I stated above, you are going to die a lot in this game and you better learn to love the dying process or else you'll hate this game.

You die because it's your fault. Granted, it's a really tough game, probably a bit too tough, but every time you die, you know that it's your fault. So, you learn every time it happens so as to not repeat the same mistake you did this time. That's the beauty of this game. Eventually, you'll learn to love the process of learning through the trial and error method. I know, it sucks initially, but once you get good at it and delve deep into the game, you are going to see for yourself as to what this game has to offer to us in terms of gameplay and other mechanics. Dark Soul 2 game is not about only slaying monsters and casting spells, it about learning to be patient and playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. Remember the old times when games were excruciatingly tough? Yes, Dark Souls 2 is just like those old games. As addicting as it is, it's also excruciating and agonizing when you see yourself failing multiple times. But learning from your failures is the key here. So you see, it's not something you are supposed to finish up in one sitting. Dark Souls 2 is going to require a lot of practice.

Final words

The worst you can say about Dark Souls 2 is it's really only as good as its predecessor, which will be a damn good compliment for this game. If something is as good as the original Dark Souls, you know it's a damn good game. So, Dark Souls 2 is definitely worth your time. Yes, it will cost you $60, but every bit of penny you'll spend on this game will be repaid to you with interest once you start playing this game.

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