Will Final Fantasy games ever come to PC?

Final Fantasy games have been one of the best JRPGs to ever come to consoles. Unfortunately for PC gamers, though, we are yet to get a taste of the recent games. With Square Enix mulling over bringing their flagship franchise to PC, there is still some hope that we will get it on our beloved Platform. Read on to find out more!

Will Final Fantasy games ever come to PC?

Final Fantasy has been a long running series for Square Enix. It is one of their flagship franchises they depend upon most to survive. And to now one's surprise, it sells like hot cakes every time a new edition comes out in market. The only thing lacking, though, is the lack of PC editions. Ever since Final Fantasy VII was released on PC, they have not bothered to make a PC Final Fantasy game, barring the Final Fantasy MMO aside.

You can't really count a MMO that barely runs on PCs, can you? Moreover, it's not of very high quality unfortunately. It's more like a low-budget version of single player Final Fantasy games? So why is it that we PC gamers have to put up with inferior quality games when all the other console seasons enjoy the luxuries of good JRPGs like Final Fantasy RPG?

Square Enix mulling over

Well, if you have been waiting for good news, there is one for you after all. They have been thinking about bringing this game to PC for some time now. So, wouldn't you really like it if they do? I bet, you would also kill for it, especially if you are a fan of strategy based combat mechanics.

Granted, their previous couple of games have not been as good as I would have hoped for, but even a mediocre Final Fantasy game by its own standards, is a decent one. Moreover, it's not on one of the most beloved platforms of all time which is PC. Remember the time when they were planning to release it exclusively on PC? How quickly times have changed now? Well, it's a pity that they decided to release it on consoles instead and left us, the PC owners, abandoned and betrayed.

Why wouldn't they? Why would they give us an exclusive game for PC when it's going to do better on consoles? As it turns out, not all their claims about us PC gamers being pirates are false. Most of us do get our games free of cost by either torrenting it or getting it from other sources. That's why t's becoming increasingly tedious for companies like Square Enix to do business on PC with traditional gaming model anymore.

Single player games are not worth it

Well, at least they can't take risk with single player games where there is almost a certainly that it's going to be pirated to an insane level. We all know that any single player games ever released on PC does eventually get cracked no matter how well-protected they are by DRM. All these scene groups determined to crack the DRM code do release the game for free. While they don't exactly do it for us, the fact of the matter is this; it adversely affects their games coming to PC platform. They are taking a huge risk. So, if someone decides to bring a game to PC, they are willing to take a huge risk and should be appraised for it. If companies like Ubisoft and EA are trying to support PC and trying to resurrect its realm, we should probably support them instead of ranting about how greedy those companies actually are.

Put simply, this means that if Final Fantasy games ever come to PC, which seems very likely, you are going to have to support the game by sparing some cash and prove to the developers that we want more of these games to come to PC.

Do you member when we proved them wrong with Dark Souls when they finally released it on PCs? We will do it all over again with Final Fantasy. All we need to do is to unite again like a true elites that we are. PC gamers for the win, you know!

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