Affiliate Marketing for Indian Bloggers

Adsense is loosing its glory for a number of bloggers. This is mainly because many fraud tactics are being used by new bloggers these days. Moreover, the CTR has also reduced over the years due to increased awareness. At such, affiliate marketing seems to be a good option.

Most of the bloggers are worried about the decreasing Adsense revenue. Moreover, frequent Google ranking updates have made things unpredictable for bloggers. Blogging is thus reducing its glory all over the world. Especially the Indian bloggers who reply completely on platforms like Adsense are facing huge disappointment. This post tries to suggest Affiliate marketing as good alternative for such bloggers.

Why Adsense is not so Lucrative for Indian Bloggers?

Following are the reasons behind decreasing Adsense revenue for Adsense bloggers.
  1. Firstly, the Indian bloggers focus on topics like exams and jobs in India, Bollywood or Indian travel destinations. Even the technical websites by Indian bloggers are based on Indian topics or news. As a result, these blogs mainly attract Indian traffic. The CPC for Indian traffic is much less in comparison to that from developed countries like USA. This is because the fact that visitors from developed countries are more habituated to online buying and thus the conversions are better for advertisers.

  2. Another reason that goes against the bloggers is that visitors are also becoming very smart. They can easily differentiate between ads and content. Thus they simple look for the desired information on the website and leave the page thereafter. Any Adsense publisher who has been using Adsense for about last 5-6 years will certainly confirm the fact that CTR has reduced heavily because of this fact. Increased awareness among the visitors has thus reduced the earnings for bloggers.

  3. The competition has also increased manifolds in almost all the niche. For instance, earlier there were only handful of sites providing information about the latest vacancies and government jobs in India. But today thousands of websites have popped up. As a result, it is difficult to rank for different keywords and thus the traffic also gets distributed to different websites. As a result, the revenue of every blog gets reduced.

How Affiliate Marketing can be Good source of Online Income?

Now most of the new bloggers are focusing on Adsense and thus adopting strategies to increase the Adsense income. At such, few bloggers try affiliate marketing. It actually makes sense to promote products that pay good commissions on every sale. For instance, suppose you have a blog in the internet marketing niche or blogging niche. The best affiliate product for your blog is website hosting. Since, you are providing information about different ways to make money with blog, tutorials related to blog design; it makes sense to promote hosting related offers on your blog. You will be surprised to know that some of the hosting companies offer up to $100 per hosting sale. This could translate into stable monthly earnings provided you have good quality traffic on your blog. If we analyze the income reports of leading Indian bloggers, we can easily find that most of their online income is through Affiliate income. They realized it much before that earnings from advertising platforms like Adsense are not reliable.

How to do Affiliate Marketing for Indian Bloggers?

Indian bloggers can maximize their earnings with affiliate marketing by following tips:

  1. Firstly, the bloggers should try to focus on international products or services. This applies especially to new bloggers. For instance, suppose you are going to make a blog for promoting home appliances. It is better to target countries like USA and the eCommerce websites based in these countries. It might take more time and effort to rank for such products but the earnings will be much higher. On the other hand, the eCommerce stores based in India do not pay as much as in former case.

  2. Another important tip is to use good placement for affiliate offers. It is observed that the banner spaces used on the upper portion of the websites convert better. Still the webmaster should try different positions on his website to know the best converting positions.

  3. A very common tip is to first build a list and then send promotional offers as an affiliate to the list. This practice is being used by some of the leading affiliate marketers of the world.

  4. Final affiliate marketing tip is to first provide quality content on your website. New bloggers try to spam the new visitors with hundreds of affiliate marketing links. This approach is destructive as it destroys the credibility of the blogger. Better approach is to create credibility in particular niche with good content. Visitors have become very smart and they can easily recognize the real intentions of a blogger by going through his articles.

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This is really very good information you have share regarding affiliate marketing. Now I understand how we can earn through affiliate marketing.

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