Review of The Walking Dead - After

The show that has been creating a stir on TV, is back people! And so am I with my usual satire and with an eye open to find even finest of plot loopholes to strip them of the fame they get for being a premier TV show that it is right now. Read on!

When The Dead People Can Still Walk

The much coveted and awaited series is back online after a mid-season hiatus. Has it changed any bit in terms of direction or story? Or is it going to remain strong like the rest of the seasons? Let's find out what transpired in this 1 hour how. Was it anything more than a mere implosion among survivor. Will they survive alone? At what lengths will they go to survive and not become another meal for the dead heinous people walking at streets? You will find everything out here.

If you have been following and watching every show being aired on Sundays On AMC channel, you know, how the much propelled tussle between the Governor and the protagonist ended. I mean, everyone knew that it was going to end with Governor lying on the floor or turning into a zombie, right? Considering his penchant and completeness about walkers, one could envisage him being dead sooner or later. That's what transpired on what was on heck of a riveting half-an hour semi-finale last Friday.

Lizze: The Surreal yet sensible kid

Granted, the end of the Governor reign and abduction was kind of expected, but what we didn't expect for sure was Lizze pulling the trigger and being pragmatic all of a sudden. I mean, it had me jump straight out of my chair when I saw her doing that. But the next second I knew that it was Carol who taught these girls these lifesaving lessons. They would have been dead by now if it wasn't for Carol.

We are taught that there is unity in strength. And perhaps that's why they managed to hold off the perpetual army from walkers and in the end, the maniac Governor from taking the hold of prison cell. They stood united and were alive for the most part of the fourth season except for the poor Hershel who had his throat slashed in emphatic fashion by The Governor. It was a really well-done short though where we said goodbye to a major character which is a routine of this show. So whom we are going to wave farewell next? We don't know yet as the producers and writers like to keep all their secret cars close to their chests, or maybe their heart.

Much more than a comic relief show

Granted, the show is based on the much fabled comic show, The Walking Dead itself, but don't take anything always from the producers and writers who put their heart and souls into developing and nurturing each character. While most of the shows always keep try to get their viewers to immerse and like the characters of the show, Walking Dead manages to do it almost effortlessly by giving each character their due time to develop We get to resonate with their views of post-apocalyptic world and thereafter, we either like or loathe them.

There is a very fine line between a likable and despicable character, and to AMCs credit, they have successfully managed to keep the prognosis, Rick, walking on the fine line between likeability and desirableness. We saw him in vulnerable and naive state in the earlier part of season 1. On the other hand, he was a dictator in the while season 3 as the ongoing tussle had taken its toll on that poor guy and he couldn't go on with every doing whatever the heck they wanted to do. Throughout the season his character was molded from being unsure and vulnerable to being a burly guy that doesn't give a damn about other survivors except for his own group.

The Avenger

On the other hand, Rick's own son has inured into the hardship himself and has inadvertently grown into a physic yet matured guy from being a teenage boy. He has been thrown into some great predicaments and has always come out unscathed, but still he takes it all as a game and gruntes, "I win' every time he wins against the odds. He has been pitted against many people and walkers in the past, and finally he is able to see the percussion of it instead of just going through the motions. He has been through many hardships now and probably even understands what his father Rick did to Shane, his mother's friend. But we will get back to that later. For now, the show's center piece seems to be Lizzie and her sister. How did she outgrew out be so mentally strong to take on the world on her own all of a sudden?

Why does she have to be alone? Did Beth also die in the massacre that ensued after someone fed rotten rats to zombies in nights? Why was the lady starting at Rick like she is a walker, yet he didn't bother to slash her head? Is rick also infected? These are some intriguing queries and loosened ends that The Walking Dead's next episode will surely try to tie up. I don't think, though, it's only a matter of one episode. Now that the sprawling city is more unorthodox and treacherous than ever, it only fitting that show will slow down a tad here.

The viewership of is growing

While the show had a record viewership of 9.4 million, last week, they didn't bother to do more with the Governor and tell us if he is actually dead. I mean, the last we saw him lying one ground; he looked like he could die any moment. But at the same time her wife stood there nonchalantly as if nothing has transpired and his husband is healthy. So what's going on here? We are likely to find that out too in the very next episode.

In the meantime, Daryl (Last season's breakout star, remember) and his new-found friend, is still puttering around dense forests in the foggy weather, full of hope that they will find someone, or someone will find them. But when the god's are not with you, the weather is cold foggy, it's unlikely that you are going to find anyone in the out, expect for flash-hungry and hauling zombies. I am pretty sure they wouldn't like to meet them, though. As much a fighter and amazing archer (I am a fan) Daryl is, I don't think he would survive the impending zombie outbreak if the wall falls down.

Overal review of "The Walking Dead - After"

But to his good-luck, Carol with new-found confidence and perception is just nearby. So she is likely to come across Daryl and his group and help her out. We will see how that goes, though. All in all, it was the most riveting and fun way I could spend my lazy Sunday evenings. Have you had a chance to watch this season yet? What do you think about it? Let us know below.

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