How to sort Google Search results by date

Google search is an amazing tool on internet that help you find the information you want. The results are usually sorted by relevance, but it would be great if you could sort the results by date. In this article, I will discuss how to find posts from a specific time period, even though it is not really possible to sort the search results by date.

Google search is one of the tools that I can't live without. Starting from finding the nearest restaurant, I do use Google search extensively to find the current time Texas, currency conversion value, find news and articles posted in a specific time frame and so on.

Few years ago, Google search was just a tool to search websites. Now it has evolved from a search tool to an advanced tool that help you find almost anything you want, including sort search results by date.

I used to live in Texas and still have a lot of friends there. However, currently being in India, I always get confused on what is the current time in Texas, especially during the day light saving time. I do not want to wake up people in sleep, so before I make phone calls to my friends in Texas, I would open my browser (which is usually open all the time) and type:

What time is it in Texas

Google will display the current time in Texas in the top of the search results page. No need to open your clock and change time zone to find time of any state/city in the world. No need to open any websites. Google know what exactly you are looking for and it will be shown to you.

Google Search

Similar query works to find the currency conversion rates. Simply search the following in Google:

100US$ in INR

Google will show the Indian Rupee value of 100US$.

With little efforts, you can master the Google search tricks.

How to sort Google search results by date

When you search for information in Google or other search engines like Bing, the information displayed in search results is sorted by relevance. Search engines will show most relevant information in the top. That is what most of the times we all want.

However, there may be cases where you want to find information during a specific time period. For example, if you want to find TOFEL exam related announcements during a specific time period, it is hard to get the expected results through a normal Google search. Sorting search results by date is a great advantage in such cases.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to sort Google search results by date. One of the reasons Google cannot provide the search results sorted by time is, it cannot find the exact date and time the content was published. Instead, Google can only depend on the time it found the content on the web or certain meta tags used in the web pages which tells Google what time it was published. However, Google cannot fully rely on the time given in the meta tags since webmasters may attempt to trick the search engines by providing wrong time to take best advantage of search engine traffic. So, Google uses a combination of data to determine the publication time of content and include those information in the search results if it finds the information is reliable.

When you search for information in the web, you may notice that some of the search results are displayed along with the time and some others are shown without any date and time.

Google Search

If Google is able to determine the time of publishing based on reliable information, it would show the search results along with the date and time.

Find content published during a time period

Even though it is not possible to search Google search results by date, you can still find content published during a specific time period. You can choose a start date and end date and ask Google to show only results published during that time period. The results are still sorted by relevance and not sorted by date, but the results would include only content published during the specific date range.

Follow the steps below to filter search results to the content published during a specific date range:

1. Open your browser and go to

2. Type the query you want to search.

3. Look at the leftbar of the search results. Scroll down and look for "Show search tools". Click on this link to see more search options.

4. You will options like Any Time, Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week and so on. You may click on one of this links to see search results of the content published during those specific times.

If you want to search for content published during a timeframe, click on "custom range". It will allow you to specify a start date and end date.

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Author: Bhakti Savla29 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The author has studied Google search results extensively and come up with some useful information regarding sorting of Google search results by date or time. I too prefer using the search tools option "Any time" which gives a variety of different time period options to look for the search results. Also, the "custom range" option allows Google users to specify the exact period (start and end dates) in which they are looking for relevant information. Google search engine is easily the best in the world and these features are a testimony to this fact.

Guest Author: d3nis12 Apr 2014

Google had sort by date asc, desc long time ago. They turn this option off so you can create more clicks and spend more time searching. All other reasons are bull crap.

Guest Author: joe blow11 Sep 2014

You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing this document. You cannot search by date using google, but you published this document anyway.
Shame on you!

Guest Author: John23 Sep 2014

Correct Joe

Guest Author: will01 Dec 2014

I've struggled with the sort by date issue for about an hour now and your part about how Google can't precisely ascribe a date to each page cleared something up. I was trying to do a date range of just everything before today for my search, then sort by date after that. However, every time I did the date range there were only about 10 results, when before there were dozens of pages. I guess it turns out that Google will just filter out everything it can't date when you put in the date range. Kind of frustrating but at least I know why now. Thanks.

Guest Author: Jubair Siddeeque24 Jun 2015

Wrong title. The title Says 'how to sort by time' and the article says it cannot be done. What a waste of time. Please remove this page.

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