Top 10 games to play on PS3 in 2013

Searching for the best PS3 games in the year 2013? Search no more as you have reached just the right place! Read our list of top 10 Play Station 3 games and know what they have to deserve to be listed in our listing.

This year we were all busy playing excellent games powered by different game launchers, among the PS3 took most of our attention and time on screen. They were all plenty in number and their exquisite features made it hard to rate them. Still if we take a small survey, the ten games which stood first in the row could be these based on their outstanding performances and rendering.

The Cave

Puzzling you with an evil sense of humour is what The Cave does striking hard at the crowd of PS3 games. It comes under the first row category for its perfect combination of fun and suspense. Launched and published by Schafer's Double Fine, it was the brain child of Gilbert. The seven main characters will create havoc among which the most memorable are the Monk and the Knight. They will keep you holding your belly tight but at the climax, you find yourself being their target of joke.

Persona 4: Golden

It is a game that exhibits all the features that the Vita was designed to be. It is intense, extensive and intricate, addicts you throughout its run, but won't let you get overpowered by the gaming traps. Though it will baffle you for the tie being Persona 4: Golden will ensure it will give you always a first time gaming experience, even if you are a hard-core PS3 player on board. In Persona 4: Golden you will be playing the role of a teenager in rural Japan of the recent times, busy with the preparation of midterm exams, relationships and after-school clubs. The game is all about solving a murder mystery, fighting with crawling dungeons and Jungian psychology principles such as shadows and the eponymous who will act as your enemies. At the end you find it all satisfactory.


Guacamelee highlights with a delighting spirit some amusing write-ups and has a stunning performance on Vita. It has a cross-play function with occasional classic games features clubbed with nerd culture and internet memes. Throughout the play, it maintains a wondrous aesthetic sense embedded with high stung gaming features. The cost factor finally makes it an easy choice to buy even being a part of the PSN gallery.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a game that is best in the PS3 series known for its combat style. It doesn't allow much of the iconic features. It appears to be a hero villain game thrusting each other with punches and fists. Well, it doesn't go too deep with the concept but maintains a pleasant atmosphere especially when the comic icons break out from their arse-kickery brand which had always been the in- thing in the fighting games appreciated world-wide.

DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC smashed hit the PS3 market with its hack'n'slash action game plan with one of the best visuals that keeps you staring at them before you start playing. Its soundtrack plays a vital role as the game is more like a prolonged song singing aloud the appreciation of a concept art with virtual trinkets and baubles. The most amusing part is doing a make-over of Dante's appearance allowing the player to colour his hair white. You also get to know about his family that is residing in Ninja Theory and his chance-meet with Kat a mortal girl.

Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising has a history of its interrupted development, which finally was saved by Platinum. It gives a genuine Metal Gear game feeling meeting up all the expectations with its relentless Codec write ups, alert sentences and a group of deadly bosses with unique abilities. Metal Gear Rising knows no limits when it comes to brutal fighting. It is not a game for weak hearts and the winner has to fight till the end passing through bloody lanes retorting back the enemies achieving the style of zan-datsu using your attack button every now and then.

God of War Ascension

God of War Ascension is set in the background of Ancient Greek Mythology. Though it doesn't really go with the Kratos game series, it takes you into the imaginary world of Gods engaged in wars with each other. It has the most gorgeous visuals, flooded with blood and featuring some of the most attractive set-pieces. But God of War Ascension isn't much like its predecessor, the mighty God of War 3 or Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is an exquisite turn based tactical game developed by Firaxis which is loaded with exciting new options including an increased value of replay. It has a spectacular display of a wonderful storyline along with lively characters engulfing the player's attention till the end. You can enjoy it to the brim in the Iron Man mode. Other features that line it up in the first 10 of PS3 games of 2013 are increased variety of map, encouraging moves with high risk and strategy, extended tree of research. The only disappointment may occur when you hope for a challenging end, it abruptly becomes easy to win.

Tomb Raider

Watch Lara's comeback as an adventurer in Tomb Raider. The action, adventure and suspense has gone higher than the last time with a flawless presentation. The quests are matched evenly with the storyline and you are now trapped up with its mystery in the island where things happen when you are least expecting them.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite has topped the PS3 games in the batch of 2013 and it didn't shock anybody. It had to be one of the best Bioshock games with refined interactivity following a storyline that never fails to engage the player's rapt attention and play sitting at the edge. The visuals, the characters and the voice over all make a legend standing with its best gaming features including the combat style. You will be participating in the special occasion of the foundation of Columbia.

In the forthcoming days, PS3 games series have to face more and more challenges that these innovative games have thrown throughout the year 2013.

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