Mimpi game review, storyline, gameplay and tips to play

Read our complete review of the platformer game Mimpi and know the features of this game. Know what's good and bad in the game and how to proceed in the game.

Mimpi is a game about a dog that has lost his master and has now set out on a mission to scour the dangerous lands of the earth to find where his master went. It is a cute graphical game with cool graphics and follows the story of a brave and loyal dog that leaves the safety of his home to find the whereabouts of his master.


Mimpi has a different method of storytelling. Rather than the text heavy narratives of the games these days, Mimpi uses no text at all and uses only graphics for storytelling which gives you a deeper sense of engagement with both the narrative and the characters. The graphics being the only source of the narrative have been designed with complete fluidity and lots of brightness. The animation looks very cute with Mimpi hoping along hills, logs and many things else in the game.

The important theme of the game is that these "things" are most of the times manipulative by the touch of your finger. Just a touch will do a variety of things with the objects in the game and they are important to be manipulated to proceed in the game. Puzzles, hidden objects (at the end of the larger levels) and platforming scenes of the games can only be solved by manipulating them.


The gaming interface and the graphics are the real highlights of Mimpi which feel like a one large world complete with hills, beaches and forests. It feels like a large side scrolling theatre where a dog even travels the depth of the oceans to search for his master. You never see repetition of the scenery in Mimpi game. Bone collection is another side aim in the game which unlocks some cute graphical stories and also the rarer light bulb collectibles which give you extra hint when you are stuck at some point in the game.
Mimpi screenshot1


This combination of platformer and world manipulation gaming seems much better in theory than in actual implementation. For instance, when moving the clouds to enable Mimpi to climb ledges or faraway platforms you have to make Mimpi jump as clouds won't move when Mimpi is on them. So you have to make Mimpi jump, align the clouds and use the direction keys to adjust Mimpi's landing all within less than 2 seconds or even less.

Similarly, many times it will get highly problematic and irritating for you when you have to switch between the input controls and object touching and dragging on the screen. It brings down the overall experience of the game. Other than that there are the puzzles with which you have to first recognize them as simple puzzles because they are devoid of any instructions or labeling on them to actually recognize them as puzzles.

Even after you recognize the puzzles it is highly difficult to solve them with light bulb collectibles being highly rare in the game. Some pieces of the puzzles can be present beyond a single fire hydrant therefore forcing you to go back in the game in the hope of finding that piece which obviously works sometimes and sometimes it won't. Mimpi isn't exactly designed to travel backward and it becomes highly uncomfortable to take him backward. The better option looks to start a previous level again which obviously is a waste unless you actually find the puzzle piece. The puzzles designed as highly illogical and the best person to solve them probably is only its developer.
Mimpi screenshot2

To be honest you guys, it was a horrible experience trying to cross over some parts of the game. I got stick for a long time at level 2 itself for a few days between a sailboat of surface of water and Mimpi underwater with his air bubble on. The internet was my best guide on how to proceed from these roadblocks and this involves a lot of backtracking as I told you earlier.

Even the in-app purchase of light bulb hints looks useless here because the menu of these purchases is probably buggy. And the worse thing is that this was only one of those blocks that I encountered in the game and it became quite frequent when I had to use the internet to search for tips of these puzzles.

Wrap up

Mimpi is an excellent example of graphically perfect game which surroundings of this side scroller designed in a way to give you the feeling that Mimpi is going away from his home. Kudos to the graphics team no doubt. But the combination of platformer and surrounding manipulation in combination with the vague and illogical puzzles makes the game a highly avoidable one.

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