Niche Market Finder software - an overview

This article gives an overview of the Niche Market Finder software, which is used to analyze keywords for your website or blog. Why this software is needed, how it works and its different options/features have been explained.


There is pretty interesting tool on the internet for analyzing competition keywords for a site or a blog before its launch. This software is the "Niche Market Finder" software.

Once installed, this little program will give you the level of competition on one or more keywords in particular. Not only will it list all the websites located on the first page of Google, but it also provides very interesting information such the page rank and backlinks for each site.

Admittedly, Niche Market Finder software is relatively simple to use once you have understood how it works.

Need for Niche Market Finder software

Suppose you want to make a blog about cooking. Before taking a domain name, you must first see if your site can get to the first page on Google. This is the goal. If you want to call your website "" or something, you must see the overall number of results on Google. We choose of course the Google search engine because of its strong reputation.

In our example, if you type the word "cooking" on Google, you end up with millions of results. No need to tell you that with your young cooking site, you will not make much weight. The number of results is too large implying a tough competition.

How does the Niche Market Finder software work?

Once installed, Niche Market Finder will do the job of analyzing the competition for you.

For example we will take the keyword "Android games". Then follow these steps:

• Enter your keyword in the "Keyword Niche Market Finder" zone.
• Now click "Add"
• Right-click on the keyword and choose the language of your preference.
• Select your keyword, and click "Find Pages" and wait.

Niche Market Finder-1

A handy tip: Make a list of keywords that can include your domain in a .txt file and import the file to the software. Then the software scans each of the keywords. After being analyzed, you will know which keyword can be included in your domain name.

Features/options of Niche Market Finder software

There are different columns or options for the results generated. The following are the options of Niche Market Finder:

Niche Market Finder-2

- The URL column: It shows all the competing sites for your "Android games" query. By default you set the first two Google pages.

- The PR column: This indicates the page rank of each site. For your keyword if the pages rank above 3, your position will be difficult.

- BL column: In this column, you will see the number of backlinks to each competitor.

- DBL column: It shows the number of backlinks to the domain name of the site in question.

- The KDm column: You'll see each of your direct competitors, if your keyword is in their domain names.

- KT column: In this column you will see whether or not the competitor page contains your keyword in the title.

- KDs column: It indicates whether the meta-description of the page contains your keyword.

- The KH1 column: Indicates if your keyword appears in the H1 tag on a page.

How to interpret the results of Niche Market Finder

Niche Market Finder displays three colors - the green when it is good, orange when it's limited and red when it is cooked. The most important are the first two columns – the "Page Rank" column and "Backlink" column

Working on the keyword "Android games" will be complicated because there will already be pages with PR of 5 or even PR6. In relation to this, your position will be complicated.

But, you can still achieve good results by making the scope of the keyword wider. For example, there are many categories of games like action, adventure, cards, etc. So you may make your keyword as "Best Android action games" where competition can be less fierce.


You understand that your site/blog must be seen. Remember that this is your main goal. Do not overlook the domain name research for your site , because it will be the basis of your position on Google. Better your results and competitors, the less you will reach the first page Google. In contrast, fewer results and competitors on Google, the more likely your site can appear on the first page. Remember that to be seen, it is not only the domain that is important. You must regularly add content to your blog, create backlinks, etc.

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