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How to install, configure and setup BSNL WiMax

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Read this article to learn how to setup and configure BSNL WiMax. This article will guide you through the steps on installing, setting up and configuring WiMax at your home.

When I got the WiMax setup box, I was told by BSNL that I have to do self installation and it is quite easy to install it. BSNL will do all the required configuration on the WiMax CPE device and I just need to fix it somewhere on the wall outside the home or roof and connect it to the power using an internet cable. They were right. The installation was easy and straightforward.

The WiMax box included the following:

1. Wi-Max device (Outdoor CPE - Customer Premise Equipment)

2. A power cord, which has 2 slots for network - one goes to Wi-Max CPE and other one goes to computer or a router.

3. A network cable. You will need to buy an extra one since you require 2 cables.

WiMax installation

Step 1: Fix the CPE device outdoors: My home is very near the BSNL office and so the device works even from inside home. It is recommended to use it in a higher position, outside the room to get strong signal from the BSNL base station for better reception. For the best results, fix the device on the highest possible position outdoors like the roof, facing the device towards the direction of BSNL base station.

Step 2: Connect the power cord to a power outlet. Even though you can connect it anywhere, it is a good idea to use it near your computer or wireless router so that you can turn on or off along with the wireless router.

Step 3: The CPE has only a single connection point. You will need to connect the network cable at the bottom of the WiMax CPE. The other end of the cable will be connected to the provided powercord unit, which I believe will provide some power to the CPE too.

Step 4: You need to connect another network cable to the other socket in the power cord. This network cable goes to your computer. If you want to use internet in multiple devices, you may connect this cable to a regular router or a wireless router.

In my case, it took only a few minutes to do the connection and setup. However, the light on the modem was red, indicating there is no internet. I was lost for some time since there was nothing I can configure on it to fix the problem. Next thing I did was to replace the wireless router and connect the internet cable directly to my laptop so that I can do some sort of troubleshooting. I waited few minutes looking at various options and then suddenly the firewall warning came up prompting me to choose a network type - Home, Office or Public. I chose the Home Network and internet was activated on my computer.

Then I put the connection back to the router and waited for sometime. About 2 minutes later, the light on the router turned green, indicating internet connection.

Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulty in getting internet access, wait patiently. Sometimes, it may take up to 5 minutes for the device to resolve all network connections and give you access to internet.

Read my review and experience with BSNL WiMax.

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Article by Tony John
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Responses to "How to install, configure and setup BSNL WiMax"
Guest Author: Online Shopping Stor   29 Jul 2013
Please let me know what is the price for installing BSNL WiMax HOWI750? What are the onetime charges? Is there any hidden charges?

Guest Author: anonymous   15 Sep 2013
couldnt get the setting for computer.. its showing no internet access and modem reported some error... please help

Guest Author: Prabh Singh   25 Oct 2013
Hey Bro..What speed do you get get on it. I'm getting approx 50-90kbps..
& It also take approx 90sec.. to re-connect after switching it off.
any idea to reconnect fast.
I'm not using any router just surfing it direct as you mentioned.

Guest Author: Shankul   30 Oct 2013
how to dial.. to connect to internet using wimax..

Guest Author: Deeptarup   23 Nov 2013
please suggest a good wireless router of your choice available in India

Guest Author: sandhuchandu   12 Feb 2014
How to access the setup of WiMax box? I want to check the configuration.

Author: Tony John  12 Feb 2014   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0
Read this article to find how to access the admin screen of WiMax.

Guest Author: sivaraaj   04 Mar 2014
How to setup port forwarding in Bsnl Wimax modem? Help me

Guest Author: Nishad   08 Aug 2014
Can I use wimax as a wifi hotspot?

Author: Manju Tony  09 Aug 2014   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

WiMax will just give you access to internet, just like DSL or cable internet. You will need add another Wireless Router to use WiFi within your home.

Guest Author: Yogesh Verma   28 Aug 2014
Sir can You please provide step by step details for setting it for first time use
actually I am unable to connect to internet I had called many times to bsnl office but they don't help me and main office is long from my home so please provide configuration values for pointMax 2500
Thanks in Advance..

Guest Author: javed khan   06 Jan 2015
If you are using Pointmax BSNL Wimax CPE . Enter ( or ask BSNL person for last two parameters 192.168.x.x) in the address bar. Press enter . A window will open, put:
Username – Operator ( look O is capital in the username)
Password- operator
Open Wimax from left sidebar, open frequency settings and put 2637500,2642500,2647500,2652500 in frequencies table and hit save.

Now reboot the device and login again, default status window will open, observe this window
Device status should be connected if signal is proper .
Now rotate very slowly, the pipe of outdoor CPE to align with the BSNL Wimax tower to receive maximum signal possible. In icomm CPE status window, press auto at the bottom so that to refresh the window automatically while rotating the BSNL Wimax outdoor CPE.

WiMax works on following frequencies. Save your routers current configuration then use these one by one to find best connection..

Guest Author: tusar   13 Mar 2015
I want to configure my DVR in BSNL Wimax connection for online view. Please guide to set up the port forwarding.

Guest Author: ajay k   16 May 2015
How to block a website on wimax, not an operating system?

Guest Author: anand maurya   13 Jun 2015
I am not happy with the service. There is no one to help any office which has available wimax broadband modem machines. They all are saying that setup hardware will come soon & district to district all are saying the same thing. Is this how things work?

Guest Author: Krishna   18 Jun 2015
Hi Tony very useful article in setting up Bsnl Wimax. I have a few query plz kindly help me. The BSNL Outdooe CPE unit is supplied by bsnl but here the stock is not available in bsnl office and i need to set it up at home. Can we use other company CPE like TP-Link CPE (TL-WA5210G) in alternative to BSNL CPE ? Does it work ?

Help Appreciated

Author: Tony John  19 Jun 2015   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

I am not sure if the CPE from other companies will work. It is better to use the BSNL provided one since it will be pre-configured and you will not need to do a lot of custom configuration.

Guest Author: Krishna   22 Jun 2015
Thanks Mr. Tony for your quick reply and I am sorry to reply late. The problem is BSNL does not have stock for CPE unit. That is why I need it from another company. Moreover, it has been 6 months now. They are still having nil stock for CPE. So if somebody knows of any alternative, please guide me. Distance is 15kms maximum.

Guest Author: Leo Mendoza   02 Jul 2015
Good day to all. Is there anyone here who can help me? Where can I download a firmware for these modem?I really need it. Thank you in advance.

Guest Author: Bipin   31 Jul 2015
Hi all,

My name is BIPIN.K and I am working as TTA in BSNL Kerala. If you have any doubts regarding WiMax, please mail me on kbipinmohan [at] gmail [dot] com

Guest Author: akash   22 Aug 2015
The service of Wimax was not good and also the office will not help. Right from the start, it gives very negative results and they show many problems. Also, no helpline will help in BSNL Wimax & it gives 2G speed for downloading.

Guest Author: Md Gulbahar   17 Sep 2015
Iam going to buy bsnl WiMAX. How to connect WiMAX to smartphone and iPad? Is there any special router for BSNL WiMax?

Author: Tony John  17 Sep 2015   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0
Md Gulbahar,

You don't need any special router for WiMax. Just buy any common Wireless routers and that will make the WiMax available over WiFi. You can connect your smartphone and iPad to this normal WiFi once it is configured with the WiMax.

Guest Author: Mathew   24 Sep 2015
Could you provide a brief on how to factory reset Pointmax 2500? I have accidentally blocked access after checking some options in the security section I think and can't login. I can't find any factory reset button on the cpe.

Guest Author: ravi   01 Nov 2015
I have my BSNL WiMAX but I am not using it from a month and I want to activate my WiMAX internet. So how I can activate plans on my WiMAX? The problem is that I don't know even device username, password, device ID, etc. So please guide me.


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