Infected Twin Vaccine: game review, storyline, gameplay and tips to play

Get ready to enjoy a unique hidden object game for your PC! Read our review to know the details of the new game named Infected Twin Vaccine from Canadian developer Gogii Games. Following article will help you to know about features, pros and cons of this game.

Pros and cons of Infected Twin Vaccine
Pros: Different and unique concept for the story. Great style of writing and well composed characterization. It is a unique and refreshing bonus chapter.

Cons: Puzzle logic is somewhat inconsistent. The editing seems to be unimpressive and sloppy as well.

Developing any game is not that tough, but to bring up a unique concept is the biggest road block in the PC gaming world. However, Infected Twin Vaccine, developed by Canadian developer Gogii, is a game which lies within the category of unique concept. The developers of Infected Twin Vaccine have struggled a lot and dipped into the depth of the high end gaming concept which helped them to bring this game with a unique concept. Infected Twin Vaccine is a new hidden object game which is filled completely with fun and adventure.
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Infected Twin Vaccine is completely filled with the frightening modern concept that represents the subject like bioterrorism which is nothing but the destruction of a large community by means of a deadly virus. The game play sets in a town named Nova Scotia, which is a small town situated in Oxford. This is the town where the destruction of community occurs, as a result of bioterrorism. You are appointed as the CIA medical expert in the same town, you are called as Threat detective, which is the term used in this game. The main goal is to find a six year old young girl in the town of Oxford. Government has categorized this young girl as Patient Zero, as she is the only known survivor. The young girl was one among the twin sisters until her sister died due to the same virus. Now your duty is to find her, as she is the only key and hope for entire world as she could prevent the outburst of this virus around the globe.


Infected Twin Vaccine has got entirely different views, apart from other hidden object games which make use of photorealism. This game features great live action footage similar to the other game environments like still photos from the real world locations which has some sort of painting over it. Infected Twin Vaccine also features a mix of computer generated and photographic elements as the technical style. These technical shortcuts and the stylish choice help this game to build very strong impressions around the characters of the game. The developers also had included the real actors into the gaming characters by the help of animation and adding CG elements which gives more reality to the animated still photographs. Along with the animation, good dialog and strong voice acting has also helped Infected Twin Vaccine to be in the list of great games.

The script work of Infected Twin Vaccine has a great role in building up its fame. From start till the finish the script work has played very well, rather than like other hidden object games, which generally don't perform that much during the game. The story of Infected Twin Vaccine has very detailed comprehensive journal entries along with main dialog and video messages from the random cell phones. The one feature of the story that disappointed me was the sloppy editing. It was like the game had rife with misspellings and of course I cannot tolerate that. So let us hope for a better story from the next entry of Gogii.

The hidden object scenes of Infected Twin Vaccine are well and fairly constructed. This aspect of the game's presentation is really appreciable. I said this because, as we move deep into the heart of this gameplay, we see that in order to find others we have to manipulate more than half the items that we are provided with during the game. And the fun inside this game gets extended only if those manipulations are stretched towards credibility. Another fact is that the hidden object scenes of this game features roughly the half of the game's puzzles, and in order to solve those puzzle, some sort of bizarre logic of work is needed.

I was a little bit disappointed about the addition of uneven puzzles in this game. Another disappointing fact that I found on Infected Twin Vaccine was, the extras that features six unattractive wallpapers of the two same characters. I was disappointed at this point due to the concept of art gallery with nothing other than few still photos. The game also features a bonus chapter which was pretty interesting, but too short since its time span is near about 20 minutes of gameplay.

Wrap up

After All Infected Twin Vaccine has bought a unique concept for its gameplay and it is an interesting hidden object game. As far as I am concerned, I feel the excitement in the gameplay of this game, because of the unique concept they brought into the gaming world compared to that of other hidden object game. Most of the times, I was impressed by the puzzles and found them entertaining along with the hidden object scenes. Apart from some crappy features, Infected Twin Vaccine will be the best recommended game for you, especially if you are the one of those hidden object game fans.

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