Top free Business apps for Android devices available on Google Store

Are you an Business organization? Are you looking for some top free Business apps to have on your smart Android devices? There are many free Business apps for Android devices available on Google Store. Read more!

File Manager

File Manager is one of the most popular apps, as well as business app today. It has been developed by 'Rhythm Software', an app developer on Play Store. With around 4.6 star rating (about 49000 5 starred ratings, 11000 4 starred ratings, 3000 3 starred ratings, 700 2 starred ratings and about 1000 1 star ratings), over 65,000 reviews and all Android device support (v1.6 OS and up), File Manager is a featured and must-have app.

Till now, the app yielded two outstanding versions, v 1.15.8/1.15.9 and v 1.15.10. Version 1.15.8/1.15.9 boasts FTP share support (if device is being used as a hotspot), Italian translation, memory usage improvements, "override all" action support and much more. Version 1.15.10 is latest and trending and boasts many extraordinary features, especially the fix for digest auth bug. The application has access to one's network communications (full network access) and storage (it may delete, repair or modify the contents/files of one's USB storage).

The app is full of pros but has a con; the application affects one's device's battery by preventing it from sleeping! The app interesting features 3 commercial icon sets (for more than 70 varying files, menu items and toolbars), multi-resolution support, multi-linguistic support (over 19 unique languages), list view and grid view for easy file browsing/searching, copy, paste, cut and cancel dialog usage, support for compression and decompression, search files, share files via email, supports multiple selection and sorting, LAN/SMB (remote) and local file systems support, FTP file sharing support, update thumbnail for any file (photo, video and apk files), shortcut creation support for quick file accessing and built-in swf player, text editor and image gallery.

If one's device is rooted, he/she can access Root Explorer feature of the app. The application also supports storage via cloud storage features, especially through Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Dropbox and Box. File Manager App is cost free (free to install) and sizes to about 2.3MB only.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

This application is absolutely made for business use. It has been developed by 'NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)' one of the top security app developer on Google store. The app has yielded around 4.5 starred ratings via +132,000 reviews. With over 5 million downloads, the app has remained as the award winner of at CTIA 2012 and one among the 10 downloaded apps in Free Business category. It often happens that a business or a salesman loses his smartphone in which he might have kept some private data like business SMS's and card passwords etc and has to block his smart device if found nowhere.

Actually Vault-Hide has a solution. It allows you to keep your data secure, safe and free from any stimuli. More often, the app acts as a secret box in which one can hide his data (photos, videos, files, passwords, business related commodities etc). You might be shocked hearing this and a question must have arose in your mind that how do it do that. It is very unique as NQ Mobile Vault-Hide app uses a password to stop any kind of access into the files which has been listed by a user, in it.

So, what one can do more with it? Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos app lets you to have a quick checkup of your password protected data, how much they are secured on your smart device. For this you can use 'Dashboard'. You can have a private Facebook chat with your buddies. To do so, you need to add those to your Vault contact list and then get started in messaging them and receiving replies from their side. You can hide and encrypt any file (of any type and format) in this password-protected space on your device. You can do much more using this app.

Yet the app is like a trial version but versatile. One can go premium by paying $2.99 USD per month. The premium version of Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos features Vault online, Stealth mode, Break-In Monitor feature (break in monitoring), unlimited SMS storage and much more. The app sizes only 2.0MB and is free to download.

Kingsoft Office (Free)

Kingsoft Office is a must-have app. It is so outstanding and can be downloaded by any user, free of any cost. The app is developed by 'Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited', one of the top office app developers on Play Store. Till date, Kingsoft Office is the only app which offers every feature (what a paid office app features) and is free to install. We can say that the app is a big steal. With over 100 million downloads, 4.6 star rating and above 75,000 reviews, Kingsoft Office is listed in the top 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play Store under free app category. Any Android device need to have v2.1 OS or up, to support this app.

Talking about the app, its name reflects its usage. Yes! The app is a free version of Office Word software (which we access on desktop) available for smart Android device. You can write new documents, copy, paste, cut, delete or edit files and more. Firstly the app features superior performance. Secondly it boasts plenty of features, including marvelous editing features, special interface, 23 file kind support (including XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT and XLS), stable operation, automatic organizing file manager, tight integration, WebDAV protocol and Read Mode.

The special features of Kingsoft Office app include file management, multiple documentary viewing and switching support, Page-Layout or Web-Layout feature, Document bookmarking support, PDF creation support (save any file as PDF), 'Spell Check' and print any document feature and much more. Rich formatting is also included in this app. It features bold, italics, underline, header, footer, word count, font color, alignment, full-screen tables and find and replace.

The app has access to one's messages in order to read attached emails that come with Kingsoft Office, storage in order to delete or modify the files on microSD card, network communication in order to get full network access when needed or recommended and system tools in order to use the device as a hotspot via shareplay. Kingsoft Office app sizes 14MB only!

Facebook Pages Manager

All of you might be using Facebook. Facebook is currently the world's no. 1 social networking website. All credit goes to Mark Zukerberg and his team for developing it. Also, all of you might be the administrators of many pages on Facebook. Facebook pages are very useful as it helps one to sustain his/her own organization, brand, community or a fan page. But are you feeling tired of logging into Facebook, opening the pages and then uploading anything on it? Facebook has a better solution.

Try Facebook Pages Manager app! It is free to install. With more than 16,000 reviews, the app has attracted over 100 million downloads. Being developed by Facebook team itself, the app is totally magical. Facebook Pages Manager helps you to connect with your fans and audience in a single click. The current version i.e. v 1.4 comes with many new things including album creation, save posts' drafts, Even post writing and much more.

With this app you are one click away from managing your page. You can update statuses, upload photos, upload check-ins and reply to any response. Even you can see and reply any private or direct message from any user. To get notifications about new activities, tips and reminders, one can enable 'Push Notifications' option through this app. Also, you can view your Page Insights second by second, can enable or disable (on/off) the push notification for any/all pages, can upload photos to a specific album as well as to a status update, can change, modify or update cover and page profile photo, can add photos as attachments to any update, can share photos and links from other apps with ease and much more.

One can also create a home screen shortcut of Facebook Pages Manager app for very quick accessing. All of you might have heard about the latest Facebook offer i.e. page and status promotion. With this app, you can do the same. You can promote your page as well as promote any status by paying via MasterCard or so. Don't let this Business app remain away from you! The app sizes around 14MB only and is very free to install.

Call Blocker

Again comes a turn of 'NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)'. This time it is something new, it is something different. Call blocker is a must-have app for any Android smartphone and is recommended for businessmen and salesmen. The app is download by millions of Android users and has yielded around 4.3 star rating and more than 33,000 reviews. Last month, the app attracted above 5,000,000 downloads. It is so only because of the importance of the app.

Call Blocker is not a simple app but a total sample one. Let me highlight its usage with an example; suppose you are a businessman or any aristocrat and you are aching from some annoying calls by most intervals of time. What to do is just list the call in the 'blocked calls' list using Call Blocker app. That is all you have to do. The list in which you put any number to block any call from it is called as Black list. Call Blocker features that. Not only this, you can backup you personal data on the go and can protect all of your private data 24x7 (day/night).

The top features of Call Blocker app include unwanted call (reject/forward) and spam SMS blocking, backup you massive contact lists on a server, to new phone data transfer wizard, total privacy eraser (delete or hide you call log, clear all history and SMS's) and much more. The app supports many languages. To go premium with this app one needs to pay. The premium version of Call Blocker features auto-contact/message/call log moving, Private Space (the ultimate premium feature) and much more.

Note that if a user is from U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Twain, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Vietnam, Qatar, German, Australia or Philippines, he/she has to pay while upgrading Call Blocker app to premium version. To download, the app sizes nearly about 4.0MB.

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