Review of Android game: 2020 My Country

If you are searching for similar game like City Ville on your mobile, then 2020 - My Country is the best option. You will love to play this game. Read this article to know about details and tips to play the 2020 - My Country Android game.

My country1
2020 My Country game developed by Game Insight. This game is the sequel of "My country". Here, the player should build a new country by constructing few Residential, Commercials and Government buildings necessary and should hire employees to work in them. The player should keep his Country protected. This game is available for Android, Ipad and Iphone users for free in the market. The game is an addictable fun-loving, enjoyable and lots of challenges filled game. If you love City Ville on Facebook, then you will love this too. Just download the game from the market and start playing.

Rating : 4.5/5 Stars
Pros : Beautiful graphics, Good music, Neat animations, Exciting challenges, Fun in decorating the country.
Cons :Need to spend more time in the game.

Basics of the game :

My country1-
When you open the game for the first time, you should login through your Email id or Facebook id. Click any one as you wish. Then, your nation will be opened. On the left top of the screen, you can find a blue colored XP level, which indicates the Energy points and your game level. Beside that, you can find Dollar symbol. The number indicates the total Game Dollars. You will be assigned of $ 77, 70,000. On the right of the screen, we have gold coin indicator and beside it is the Population, Ecology and Electricity levels. At the bottom right, you can find a Gear icon, which is the symbol for Settings, toggle the music on/off, take screenshots of your nation and share them with your friends. And also, you can check your notifications etc. The high/low activity of the game indicates to show the graphics or not while playing the game.

How to play the game :

My country3
Energy Points : To perform any activity, you need to spend the Energy points. At the first start of the game, you will be assigned with 21 Energy points. With increase in level, one point of maximum energy meter will be increased. One point of energy will be increased for every 5 minutes. By leveling up, you can gain energy points as well. You can even purchase the energy points using country bucks. After completing any task, you will be awarded with "Energy drop", which can regain all your energy points again. By leveling up, you can unlock the buildings in different sections like Residential, Business, Industry etc. And, gain country dollars (game dollars) and 1 point of energy meter maximum cap.

Construct Buildings :
My country4
By tapping the "Build" button on the screen, the store is opened, where we can find different types of buildings available for building in the certain level. You can purchase them by using game dollars/gold coins. Game dollars are the best option. The buildings are placed on the open area. Tap and select where you want to place it. Remove the stones and trees in the open area before purchasing the buildings. To clear the stones or trees, you need to spend 2 energy points and sometimes more number as well. After placing, construction process starts. The construction depends on the size of the building. After completing the building, you need to appoint employees. After recruiting the required employees, you can start earning money from them and you should develop them further.

Hiring Employees :
My country5
After constructing a building, you need to hire an employee to work. There will be different types of professionals to be hired in different buildings. To hire them, you need to collect 3 items, which are available in the game itself by doing few jobs. By tapping on the building, you will get the list of employees to recruit. By selecting the employee, a pop up pops showing the buildings or other jobs, which can give you the 3 items, that required to hire the employee. Once the employees are hired, work starts in the building and you will be gaining dollars.

Contracts :
My country5-
You need to complete the tasks given by the game as well. They are shown on the left side of the screen. A "briefcase" icon will be displayed on the building, which indicates a contract is ready to do. Click the building to get the contract details. By clicking "Look for items", you can know from where they can earn. And, you can complete the contract using energy points and dollars.

Funds :
My country10
Once you finish up the building and hire employees, work get started and you start earning. You can find a $ symbol on the top of the building. Tap the building and the fund is added. Check the time interval for every building and login so that, you can earn more money.

Mini Business :
You can start earning through the Mini Business as well. Here you can purchase a mailbox or hot dog stand or lemonade stand or popcorn stand etc. and earn dollars.

Earn Stars :
My country6
By completing the contracts of the buildings, you will gain stars. The more star rating indicates more earnings. By tapping on the building, a menu window is opened and from there, you can check the stars of the buildings. After few levels, you can get a few things, which completes the contracts, so, you should try to improve your stars of the buildings as well. In further levels, if you have 3 star rating to the building, then you are allowed to spin the spin wheel.

Mishaps :
My country7
Your country will be facing few natural mishaps as well such as floods, vehicle's accidents, traffic jam etc. You need to spend your energy points or game dollars to recover them. In return you will be gained few items, which are required to complete the contracts. The mishaps icons will give you the list of mishaps you need to complete. Incidents are also should be recovered as soon as possible.

Currency :
My country8
In the game, you can use 3 types of currencies. These currencies can be used to purchase buildings, energy points, recover mishaps, recover incidents, hire employees and many more. Currency can be purchased with real dollars as well. 1 point of Currency is gained when you level up. Game dollars can be earned with the buildings. These dollars are used to purchase buildings, start the mini businesses etc. Country money can be earned with leveling up and spinning wheel. This currency can be utilized in skipping the job work time, hire employees etc.

Ventures :
List of ventures can be seen on the left side of the screen. They have detailed information in the pan. By completing these ventures you can earn game dollars, XP and even unlock few buildings.

Expanding :
To expand your nation, you need to find few items from your buildings and purchase plots. You need to spend few energy points too. By tapping the "Look for items", you can find complete details of the expansions.

Tips to play 2020 My Country :

  • Spin the wheel : Spinning of wheel is allowed to the player, when he earns a star on the building. The wheel spins and gives you few gifts, which can be used in the buildings. So, try to finish up the contracts of the buildings and get the stars. You can even purchase these spinning of wheels using gold coins.

  • Timed Task :Complete the timed task within the time period through which, you can gain coins and chance to spin the wheel.

  • Construct roads as well near the buildings. Collect the game dollars and win XP on time.

  • After crossing 7th level, you will get the opportunity to win achievements. These achievements also give dollars, coins and XP.

  • By spending 5 country bucks, you can collect all the game dollars from all the buildings at once. This can save your energy points and even time.

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