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Upgrading Windows Desktop to Iron Man's JARVIS Theme Interface- How to Guide

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With a little tweaking, you too can have your own JARVIS interface on your computer,This installation will give you complete feel of jarvis theme- such as internal CPU temperature, detailed hard drive information, network status, RSS feeds and much more! Here's the step by step transformation guide.

If you were to ask me who the most underrated actor is in all the Marvel cinematic movie universe is, I would tell you it's JARVIS; Tony Stark's own home brewed artificial intelligence that breathes life into his machines and home. Voiced by Paul Bettany, JARVIS is what SIRI can only dream to be. With a little tweaking, you too can have your own JARVIS interface on your computer, without the snarky remarks of course. I'm not just talking about a pretty looking wall-paper either, this enhancement will be able to give you fun information about your computer such as internal CPU temperature, detailed hard drive information, network status, RSS feeds and much more! Best of all it's an extremely easy modification with a ton of online support to get you up and running in no time.

Transforming Windows to Iron Man

Transforming Windows to Iron Man's JARVIS Theme Interface

First step you need to do is, get yourself a little program called Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a free open source Windows-desktop tool designed to give functional customization to your computing experience. Simply put, it brings all your SCI-FI dreams to life; for me it's like a slice of warm apple pie, it just feels right. To download Rainmeter just follow this link:

It's a small 1.3mb file so even your grandma's dial up should be able to handle it no problem. Once downloaded execute the problem and follow the wizard to guide you through installation. I went with the "Standard Installation" for my setup. Once setup finishes Rainmeter will launch and you'll get your first taste into the wonderful world of customizable desktop skins.
There are a couple of places to find skins for Rainmeter, most all of them are free. The two most popular being:

Pursuing the JARVIS quest, I found a couple of really cool skins that it really made my decision all the more difficult. Luckily, it's easy to make any changes later on to your display. Trust me when I say it's all about customization. So with that said, I went with this skin to get me started.

Once downloaded, unpack the zip file and double click on the ".rmskin" file to install the skin. Rainmeter should automatically install the skin and display it on your screen. If you need a tissue or something at this point I'll wait for you.

Now, for a couple of helpful tips to get you started through this wonderful maze of awesomeness. First thing is to get rid of your task-bar. My suggestion is to Auto-hide it so it only comes up when you mouse over it. Just right click on the task-bar, uncheck "Lock the Task-bar" if needed, and click on properties. Now click on "Auto-hide the task-bar" and click "OK" to accept your changes. This should hide it, giving you a more seamless look to your new desktop.

Next you want to do is hide all your icons, you don't need them anymore because you're rocking Rainmeter now. That's not to say delete them, just hide them. Just right click on your desktop, mouse over to "View" and click on "Show desktop icons." Voila! You're desktop should now be a full featured Rainmeter displaying machine. Moving and customizing Rainmeter is as easy click and drag. For example, don't like where that cool circle thingy (technical term I know) is at? Simply click and drag it to where you want. Furthermore, you can customize everything about your display. Right click on any piece of graphic. If you hover to where it says "Avengers" you'll find a whole list of helpful additions to add to your desktop. Let's say you would like to have a display that monitors your RAM and CPU usage, simply hover to where it says "CPU and RAM" and click on the corresponding ".ini" file. The appropriate graphic widget should pop up for your viewing pleasure. Just move and arrange it any way you want.

Now remember, customization is the name of the game. So, we can customize the button layouts to open any folder or program we want. You just need to dive in and mess with the code a little bit. No don't worry it's not that scary. In fact, there are a lot of helpful hints located inside the code to get you started. A lot of times it's simply a matter of copy and paste.

Well, that should get you started with, dare I say it, the Ultimate Windows Upgrade you could ever possibly hope to do with your PC. Like most things in life, just dive in, start messing around and push buttons to figure out what works best with you in this Rainmeter of a world. Don't be afraid to hop on the messaging boards over at DeviantArt or if you have any questions about the program. It's a free open source customization, which means there are a lot of helpful people out there. I hope you've enjoyed this tantalizing introduction to the wonderful world of Rainmeter, and I can't wait to see what other fantastic skins are waiting around the corner.

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Guest Author: ryan   11 May 2013
Thanks for the tip but I was hoping you could give me some more advises, and the rain meter isn't installing properly. I stops halfway.

Guest Author: Tangkhan   16 Nov 2013
My name is tangkhan sangma and i want to upgrade my computer to allian themes


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