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The senior network administrator has asked you to confirm that the router's OS's protocol stack is working. Which of the following would would you use to check that the protocol stack is working?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following commands on a CISCO router would show the hardware and software version information?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
When logged into a router, which of the following character at the end of the prompt is indicative of you being in a privileged mode?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is a mandatory process data packets go through when two hosts want to communicate over the internet?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following switch would be chosen as the root bridge in a STP setup?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following methods is used to assign addresses to hosts by a DHCP server running on a CISCO router?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
When a DHCP address pool is to be allocated, three addresses must be excluded from the default pool. Which one of the following is not one of them?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following protocol does DNS work on?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following have been eliminated in IPv6?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following messages would indicate a problem on network layer 1 according to the OSI reference model?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
You want to know the number of hops that a packet takes from a router to Which of the following commands on the router will help?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which type of command will show the effect of QoS policies applied to a switch on a LAN?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which command will display the MAC addresses of stations connected to switch ports?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What is the mode of VTP from the list below which permits the editing of VLAN information while enabling VTP advertisement forwarding?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
One end of a LAN segment has recently been connected to a IEEE 802.11b device (WLAN device). What is the maximum data exchange rate that can occur from that end?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
See the attached image and choose the best masking that can be done between the two routers.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
A router can have routes for,, and but not for Which of the following subnet mask would summarize it?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Apart from dynamically setting a host's IP address, what is the use of DHCP server running on the router?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
You want to setup a server which allows the IP addressing to be dynamic for each computer on a network. Which of the following server would do it? CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
You want to setup a network quickly which would facilitate lesser number of routing table entries per router and easier management and troubleshooting of network. Select the addressing scheme you would use for the same.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which one of the following is not an advantage provided by VLANs?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
One of the following protocols can be used to configure and use more than one VLANs over a single link. Select the protocol. CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the pair of protocols which prevent loops in layer 2 network.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
On the network, what would be the last IP address that you can assign to a host?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
If the ip subnet zero command is not configured on a server, what would be the first available address on the sixth subnet of the network on Ethernet 0/0?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following IP address will lie in the network CertificationCCNA (General)
According to the DoD TCP/IP reference model, on which of the following layers does routing actually occur?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the VTP mode from below which is able to create only local VLANs and does not synchronize with other switches in the VTP domain.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following parameters need to be checked before trying to upgrade the OS version on a Cisco router?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following can be configured on a Cisco router as a boot image source?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
In the given image, computer 4 wants to send data to computer 1. Both switches are running on default configuration. Which of the following two things does computer number 4 need to know?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The following command was issued on a router: ip route What effect will it cause? CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What is the advantage of an Ethernet switch over an Ethernet hub?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the correct pair of values that are used in spanning tree protocol to elect the root bridge.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The configuration register was changed to 0x2142. Select the right effect that this change will create.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Refer to the image and select the incorrect statement about the "network device A".CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
According to the 802.1w standard (IEEE), which of the following port(s) on a switch can forward traffic?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The following command is implemented on a switch: mac-address-table static 0000.00aa.aaaa vlan 10 interface fa0/1 What would be the result of the command?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the correct statement about role of devices in WAN.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following communication service cannot be used with CISCO networking devices?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Under what circumstances Telnet protocol be allowed over the network?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is a network security appliance?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
In a office, there are multiple users sitting in different rooms, connected to one common wireless AP. While some users are using the network at high frequency, others are not able to use it all that well and are experiencing drops. What can be the problem?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following does not work on network layer 3?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Computer A and Computer B are on two different networks connected by a gateway. Which of the following is correct?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Computer A and Computer B are on two different networks. A tries to connect B. Which of the following steps would A take first?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Refer to the image and select the correct statement about it.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following devices can disrupt a wireless network signal?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is true about IPv6?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which three of these statements regarding 802.1 Q trunking are correct? CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)

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