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The "show frame-relay map" gives the output: "serial0/0 (up):ip dlci 100(0x64, 0x1840), dynamic broadcast, status defined, active". What does the word "dynamic" mean in the output?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
When upgrading IOS on a cisco router via TFTP, the network administrator had to erase the flash memory. What was the reason?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General) is to be subnetted into /27 mask. How many subnets will be formed and how many hosts can they contain?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the layers do Wide Area networks operate on?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is not an advantage of PPP layer 2 encapsulation?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Refer to the picture and select the action which should be taken to set the SWITCH1 as the root switch in the given topology?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What is the default routing update period for RIPv2?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following type of network attacks involve SYN packet bombarding on a computer?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following protocols has a SYN and ACK packets?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What is the purpose of traceroute command?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The response is "PVC STATUS=INACTIVE" when "show frame-relay pvc" is entered at the prompt. What does that message mean?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
You have been asked to configure a PVC. What does PVC mean?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The IP address cannot be used for a host. Select the correct reason for that.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Collision is detected on a network interface. Carrier Sensing is enabled on the same interface which is a Twisted Pair network. Given the above information, which of the following is the correct information about the network?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
A network admin enters the command "show interfaces ethernet 0" on his router and gets the output which says that the MTU is 1500 bytes. What is the meaning of MTU in the output?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
A network administrator configures a new router in a test environment. Then he powers down the router and attaches the router in a production setup and switches it on. The router however asks whether or not the network administrator would like to enter the initial configuration dialog. What is the problem?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
In which order will the networking devices be used when sending data from C2 to C4?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following layers facilitate acknowledgements, sequencing and flow control?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
There are 3 routers between server S2 and client C297. A system maintainer installed a new OS on C297 and is testing FTP connections to S2. Select the top-most layer which is in use here.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is a mandatory parameter which should be set for a wireless AP to operate?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is the reasons why WPA should be used instead of WEP?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
During debugging problem with EIGRP, the network administrator has to check for the retransmit intervals and queue counts on the adjacent routers. Which of the following commands will get that information?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What does the command "debug PPP authentication" show among the following?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the purpose for which Ethernet protocol uses physical (MAC) address of devices.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Select the mechanism which cannot be used for IPV6 transition.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following IPv6 addresses is invalid?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following protocols can be used to establish a secure terminal connection to a remote network device?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Refer the picture of the topology below and select the number of broadcast domains in the network.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is not a representative characteristic of a link-state routing protocol?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is the advantage of router in network segmentation?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following is true about bridges and switches?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Refer to the image and choose the default gateway which should be used in the configuration.CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
A network administrator has been getting only 'Request times out' messages when he pings On which layer does the problem exist?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following commands will show if an access list is assigned to the interface e0?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following things will a router do when running a distance vector routing protocols (apart from 'updating the routing table based on updates from neighbors') ?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
The 1000BASE-ZX supports distances of greater than 550 meters. Which other mode supports distances of greater than 550 meters?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following wireless encryption systems (or methods) use the RC4 algorithm?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following features did WPAv1 add to counter the weakness found in WEP?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
On a Frame Relay network, EIR = 110% of CIR. The CIR has been exceeded. What will now happen?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What is the first step to be taken when performing loopback test for troubleshooting FR (Frame Relay) connection?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
A network administrator needs to configure 200 ports on a switch to accept traffic from only the currently attached devices. What would be the best way to do it?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following cannot be used for WAN connectivity?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
On which of the following layers of the OSI model would you begin inspection upon if the QoS has not been set or has not been working properly?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following layers in the OSI reference model is responsible for testing the program availability for the program which has to receive the information?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
On the Ethernet LAN of a company, the network is being used for video conferencing in addition to other data being transferred on the wire. However, when the video conference is running, users face failure of service (video stutters or fails completely due to delays). Which of the following can be the possible reason for the erratic behavior?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
On a router in an enterprise network, it is suspected that packets are dropping on a gateway. Ping command has not been working properly either. You are asked by the admin to see if the ping command is working properly on the router. Which of the following commands will you use to figure out whether the ping command is working well or not?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
Which of the following command will enable CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) globally on the router and show information about other Cisco devices connected directly to the router?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What would the command "ip route" do?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
What would the command "copy TFTP>running-config" do?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)
You want to copy the configuration data from RAM to NVRAM. Which of the following command can be used?CCNA CertificationCCNA (General)

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