Exam Subject Details - Designing and Developing Windows Azure

This exam is a professional level exam for candidates who are seeking to prove their skills and knowledge in designing and developing applications that will be hosted on the Windows Azure platform.

Knowledge required for this exam:

- Candidates should have a working knowledge of the various Cloud service models and service model architectures
- the synchronization of data
- the security implications of Cloud-based applications as well as the data storage options available
- good resource allocation, potential cost impact of different architectural decisions,
- the deployment models and upgrading
- how to migrate existing applications, services, and data
diagnostics and health of applications and services
- how to integrate Windows Azure applications with external resources


Candidates should also have at least six months of experience with the following:

- designing applications for hosting on the Windows Azure platform
- designing and developing Windows Azure applications
- SQL Azure
- Windows Azure AppFabric
- Windows Communication Foundation
- Internet Information Services (IIS)
- web applications
- identity management

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Designing Data Storage Architecture
Designing date storage architecture weighs 18% of the exam. This category includes topics like, Choosing the appropriate data storage model based on technical requirements, Design a synchronization strategy, Plan a cost-effective data architecture based on business requirements, Design a database migration plan from SQL Server to SQL Azure, and Plan for media storage and accessibility.
Designing Integrated Solutions
Designing Integrated Solutions weighs 15% of the Exam 70-583 and it covers areas such as, Designing hybrid solutions, Identifying and mitigate connectivity issues in hybrid solutions, and Planning for appropriate access control schemes based on security requirements.
Designing the Application Architecture
Designing the Application Architecture weighs 19% of the exam. This category covers, Choosing appropriate role types for compute instances, Optimizing worker role design for efficient resource usage, Identifying performance vs. cost trade-offs, Choosing appropriate ways to respond to Azure Fabric Controller events, and Developing a plan to migrate existing applications and services.
Investigating and Analyzing Applications
Investigating and Analyzing Applications weighs 16% of the exam and covers some topic such as, Planning, collecting, and interpreting diagnostics and instrumentation data, Identifying SQL Azure performance and storage capacity with Dynamic Management Views, and Identify and mitigate deployment and runtime issues for Windows Azure.
Optimizing Data Access and Messaging
Optimizing Data Access and Messaging weighs 17% of the exam. this category includes topics like, Optimize a data access strategy, Design a reliable data access layer to access SQL Azure, Design an efficient strategy to avoid data access throttling, Design a queue strategy that guarantees idempotency, and Design communication strategies using queues.
Preparing for Application and Service Deployment
Preparing for Application and Service Deployment weighs 15% of the exam and covers topics such as, Choosing an appropriate upgrade strategy, Choosing the appropriate virtual machine size, Planning a deployment for the entire application life cycle, Defining a resource-efficient environment for application development and testing, and Choosing a naming scheme for resources.
Windows Azure - General
Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform. Microsoft offers certification exams to test and certify your skills on the Windows Azure platform.

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