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How did you hear about MyWindowsClub website? (8 votes)Raghav03 Apr 2011
Do you update your anti virus software every week? (3 votes)Raghav03 Apr 2011
Do you use pirated softwares/ (0 votes)Raghav03 Apr 2011
What is the best feature of Windows 8? (6 votes)Raghav30 Oct 2010
Where are the Registry files located in your computer? (4 votes)Raghav28 Sep 2010
Can you make a back up copy of a virtual PC? (4 votes)Raghav28 Sep 2010
What is the location of user password in the Registry when you open it with RegEdit? (4 votes)Raghav28 Sep 2010
Is there a Flash Player for 64-bit Windows 7 operating System? (3 votes)Raghav19 Sep 2010
BIOS is a short form for .... (0 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
SSL is a short form for ..... (0 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
Can you tell which network protocol is used for sending emails? (0 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
Can any one tell when was the first E-mail sent? (0 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
How do you read / send email? (4 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
How do you remember the passwords (5 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
Which operating system do you prefer? (3 votes)Raghav28 Jul 2010
Which Monitor is best to use? (7 votes)Raghav06 Jul 2010
Which is the best anti virus for a windows computer? (4 votes)Raghav01 Jul 2010
Do you disconnect the power to your computer when there is a thunderstorm? (6 votes)Raghav25 Jun 2010
How do you access Internet when you are travelling? (5 votes)Raghav20 Jun 2010
How long does your computer take to boot up? (4 votes)Raghav20 Jun 2010

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