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Are you looking for technology websites to submit guest posts? You can submit quality articles in and promote your business, provided such articles add value to our website and are useful to our readers.

If you are looking for technology websites to submit guest posts to promote your personal blog or commercial websites, you are in the right place. accepts technology and software related guest articles, written exclusively for us. We are open to publishing articles that mentions your personal blogs free of cost. Please note that all guest articles submitted here should not be published anywhere else.

We may or may not allow links within the articles considering factors like quality of the article, purpose of the link, relevance of linked article, do they belong to link schemes as described by Google and and many other parameters.

In the case of guest articles with commercial goals, we do charge an advertising fee. Alternatively, we can discuss other options like mutual promotions.

In case of free and paid articles, we do have a strict quality check process. We do not publish any kind of articles made just for the purpose of spammy link building. We can accept only high quality guest articles which are useful to our readers, have potential to generate traffic to our site and do not harm our site in any manner. We do not have any relaxed rules for paid guest articles.

Guest Article Submission:

Option 1. Paid guest articles: You can submit a guest article for a fee. The fee varies on case to case basis and depends on factors like purpose of the article, the target business promoted through the article, how much value the article adds to our site and so on. Your article may directly or indirectly promote your technology business and can include links to your website, provided they are not part of Link Schemes.

Option 2. Article Exchange: We will be happy to publish technology related article free of cost, provided you can publish one of our similar articles on your website, which is equally qualified in terms of content quality, ranking and traffic. The article you give to us must be minimum 1,000 words. We do have other websites as well, so we are happy to explore exchanging articles in our other niche websites like travel, education, sports, health etc. The purpose of the Article Exchange is to promote each others' business by driving traffic from each other.

Option 3. Articles without commercial goals: Do you like to publish a guest article without any commercial goals? We will be happy to promote such articles, provided they add value to our website and useful for our readers. We may or may not allow links to external websites in such articles, considering several factors.

Please contact us to discuss technology based guest posting opportunities with us. When you contact us, please include the topic of your article, details of websites/businesses you are mentioning in the article etc.

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