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Well, you should be able to change the playback speed through a couple of methods. Let us go throughAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat08 Dec 2017
Well, sadly enough, there should have been a stronger market for those items. But, that does not seeAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat08 Dec 2017
Congratulations Aman on that achievement. Good to see you coming back to the site with a bang. Do keForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat08 Dec 2017
Sorry to state this Mr Aman, but it appears as if you are still in awe of me on the site. That is soForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat08 Dec 2017
Linux can be treated as the base for a lot of open source operating systems. Being an open source syAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Rita, Please note that the contents of this forum thread appear to be somewhat advertising in natureForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
In addition to what has been indicated by Ankit here, I would also wish to add that the articles youForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Hearty congratulations on that achievement Juana. It has been quite great to see you winning a host Forum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Congratulations Juana on that achievement. Winning a member of the month or Member of the week awardForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Thank you for that wonderful announcement. It has been dry month for me so far on TEC. I have been mForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
I would never consider Jio Phone as a smartphone. Needless to say, even the manufacturer or service Ask Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Reports about a Jio Laptop with 4G VoLTE connectivity have been doing the rounds since as early as MAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
As we are aware of, CD-R and DVD-R discs are meant for a one time recording. There is no possibilityAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Well, there are many websites that should help you download and stream Hindi movie songs. Some of thAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Well, the procedure is quite simple when you have all the necessary documents with you. You will neeAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Nov 2017
Even the mobile site is working similarly. Looks like Tony sir has introduced a theme change or someForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat03 Nov 2017
IOTransfer - The best iPhone/iPad Phone Manager for WindowsResourcesTimmappa Kamat26 Oct 2017
WinX Video Downloader - The Best Video Downloader for WindowsResourcesTimmappa Kamat21 Oct 2017
WinX MediaTrans - The Perfect iTunes Alternative For WindowsResourcesTimmappa Kamat18 Oct 2017
As far as I have experienced, VLC Media Player is the best videos player to play any of the video fiAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Oct 2017
According to the sources available online, the steps involved in resetting your Doogee Y6 Max 3D toAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat09 Oct 2017
Never expected that one really. I have had virtually no contribution on the site for the last month,Forum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Oct 2017
Glad that I could keep up with awards even with the low level of activity. Maybe, the quality matterForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Oct 2017
Congratulations Ankit on another feather in your cap. Great performance always pays off and you haveForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat09 Oct 2017
Microsoft Edge Now Available for iOS and Android - Will that make any difference?ForumTimmappa Kamat06 Oct 2017
The model Samsung Note 4 SM910H is meant for Asia Pacific region. It would be able to support 4G in Ask Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
There is one method I used on my phone when I owned a Samsung device. I am not sure whether it does Ask Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
Well, the blind race for buying new gadgets has been partly due to the increased buying power of theForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
Welcome to the site, Swati. You are now part of India's most reliable revenue sharing website. If yoForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
Well, opting for the cloud services that are from reliable sources would be the best option to proteForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
Welcome back. Even I have been planning to make a comeback to the site though I must hasten to add tForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
Congratulations Ankit on achieving that feat. You have always been a great performer on the site, esForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat02 Oct 2017
EaseUs Data Recovery - Recover Your lost Data Within MomentsResourcesTimmappa Kamat26 Sep 2017
Congratulations yet again, Anwesha. You have done it again. You have indeed been proving yourself toForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat22 Sep 2017
The reason for non upgraded devices to the latest Android operating system lies with the manufactureForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat06 Sep 2017
Recycling in India is not working as it should. Our standard recyclers are the Kabadis. Sadly enoughForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat06 Sep 2017
Belated congratulations Anwesha on winning that award. I am not much active on the site and that isForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat06 Sep 2017
Congratulations Ankit on winning that one. It is quite nice to see new names in the awardees list raForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat06 Sep 2017
If you are on Windows 10, it is bound to consume more data. I have experienced it a couple of days aForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat05 Sep 2017
Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro - The Powerful DVD Ripper for your needsResourcesTimmappa Kamat03 Sep 2017
InstTube App for Android - Your companion for Video DownloadsResourcesTimmappa Kamat03 Sep 2017
By any standard, WordPress is the best option for blogging. There are several reasons that would putAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
The IFSC codes will be changed in a phased manner. You can check out the official site of State BankAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
Some of the best gaming laptops you can choose can be - <b><u>Asus ROG GL552VW</b></u> The laptAsk Expert AnswersTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
To be frank enough, I do not understand the purpose of this thread. Are you posing a question or shaForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
To be frank enough, there is no secret way to get an increased traffic. The only way out is to work Forum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
Sodapoppin is a renowned blogger or vlogger ( video blogger). He was born in 1994. He has been consiForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
Yet another Member of the Month award, but must say I am not much happy this time around. With my cForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
Thank you Hafeez for that wonderful announcement. I am glad I could stick to my place among the supeForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017
Congratulations Surajkumar on that maiden award. It is indeed your hard work that has paid you off wForum ResponsesTimmappa Kamat07 Aug 2017

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