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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be available in India by this month only and the expected priceAsk Expert AnswersUmesh14 Aug 2018
iBall CompBook Excelance laptop is available in the market around Rs 12000 and one of the cheapest oAsk Expert AnswersUmesh14 Aug 2018
Well done and congrats on getting the member of the week award.Forum ResponsesUmesh14 Aug 2018
I want to post product details/ product reviewForumUmesh14 Aug 2018
Oh! Well done and congrats for the same. I have just gone through the link. It was a good questioForum ResponsesUmesh13 Aug 2018
What is 'fake views' in youtube?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh13 Aug 2018
Mobile App for Astronomical positions of Stars and PlanetsAsk Expert QuestionsUmesh12 Aug 2018
How does an auto spark ignitor work in a gas stove?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh06 Aug 2018
Disadvantage of not upgrading operating system in Apple laptopAsk Expert QuestionsUmesh05 Aug 2018
There is a crowding of blogs in the internet and there are all sorts of blogs covering subjects fromResource ResponsesUmesh05 Aug 2018
A nice article bringing out the hiring scenarios in offshore software development. India is havinResource ResponsesUmesh05 Aug 2018
How safe are the automatic driver less cars?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh02 Aug 2018
Wearable head mounted video players.Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh26 Jul 2018
Good anti-virus for smartphoneAsk Expert QuestionsUmesh23 Jul 2018
It is a very good idea and other members can also join the fray when things are materialized. TheForum ResponsesUmesh23 Jul 2018
Content filtering is a technique by which you can get the desired information while rejecting the gaForum ResponsesUmesh23 Jul 2018
Due to small size of screen in smartphones and compulsions in having limited aspect ratios, many useAsk Expert AnswersUmesh23 Jul 2018
Asus Zen was having some problem in its earlier model in this series but now the present model is stAsk Expert AnswersUmesh23 Jul 2018
How to slow down the youtube video playback speed?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh22 Jul 2018
A very interesting interview of a blogger who is so passionate about his blogging and doing it with Resource ResponsesUmesh16 Jul 2018
There are many companies offering refrigerator of that specs in reasonable price. What I will advAsk Expert AnswersUmesh16 Jul 2018
How to increase members and activities in techulatorForumUmesh09 Jul 2018
It is interesting to note that SEO techniques are being adopted by companies for enhancing their busResource ResponsesUmesh08 Jul 2018
Size of the screen in a smartphone.Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh08 Jul 2018
Crypto currency is an online currency which exists in the internet only but can be converted to dollAsk Expert AnswersUmesh06 Jul 2018
If a train is delayed for more than 3 hours and one wants to cancel the train due to this reason theAsk Expert AnswersUmesh06 Jul 2018
It is true that there are some recovery softwares which retrieve the data from the hard disk but theAsk Expert AnswersUmesh30 May 2018
It is true that there are few questions coming up in the Ask Expert section. When there is a good nuForum ResponsesUmesh25 May 2018
We do not have such a card in our country but there are many cards which can be used at many places.Ask Expert AnswersUmesh19 May 2018
What is a torrent and how it is used to download the videos, books etc from the internet?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh19 May 2018
Very exhaustive article telling so many titbits for the new phone users. To optimise the new phone tResource ResponsesUmesh15 Apr 2018
In my opinion, this is a highly technical site and if you want to excel here it requires a good compForum ResponsesUmesh15 Apr 2018
Is there a mobile phone available in the market with printing facility?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh15 Apr 2018
The main criterion for filling IT return is that if an individual has taxable income of more than 2.Ask Expert AnswersUmesh06 Mar 2018
Today there are innumerable blogs and web pages raised by people sharing their knowledge and expertiForum ResponsesUmesh10 Feb 2018
Will the Mobile phone prices come down?ForumUmesh10 Feb 2018
Very interesting application. The author has nicely narrated the concept and methodology of this excResource ResponsesUmesh04 Feb 2018
Are you creative in online?ForumUmesh04 Feb 2018
If you are new in the field of IT you must equip yourself with some certificate course or diploma inForum ResponsesUmesh26 Jan 2018
There are many apps which are in use for cryptocurrencies and each has its own interface and design.Ask Expert AnswersUmesh24 Jan 2018
As per GST guidelines a person whose revenue turnover is not more than Rs 20 lacs ( Rs 10 lacs in soAsk Expert AnswersUmesh05 Jan 2018
In inverter type AC there is a mechanism to control the speed of compressor for increasing or decreaAsk Expert AnswersUmesh01 Jan 2018
In inverter type AC there is a mechanism to control the speed of compressor for increasing or decreaAsk Expert AnswersUmesh01 Jan 2018
What will be the main features of smartphones having artificial intelligence?Ask Expert QuestionsUmesh20 Dec 2017
Welcome! Techulator is having many opportunities for people having interest in technical matters liForum ResponsesUmesh14 Dec 2017
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is a type of digital currency in the internet and is regulated theAsk Expert AnswersUmesh14 Dec 2017

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