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Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic, And Hybrid Phone Cases: Which is the Best?ResourcesRyan Holman19 Sep 2017
Is this phone a refurbished one?Ask Expert QuestionsStewart19 Sep 2017
Nice article, I am using HooToo Wireless router because it is Small and light and its Three workingResource Responsesmark18 Sep 2017
Samsung, Because it is user friendlyForum Responsesmark18 Sep 2017
Link building and good contentForum Responsesmark18 Sep 2017
One more laurel. This 16th September has brought you thrre awards namely member of the week, super cForum ResponsesGaurav18 Sep 2017
Congrats! Anwesha, you nailed it again. You deserve it for your valuable contributions. Your contribForum ResponsesGaurav18 Sep 2017
Honestly speaking I had never expected, I was going to be adjudged this award. By the way, thank youForum ResponsesGaurav18 Sep 2017
I am suggesting you from a personal experience to check out laptops from ASUS in the X series. I mysAsk Expert AnswersAnkit17 Sep 2017
3 Steps to change the background color of YouTubeResourcesAnkit17 Sep 2017
Banks offering zero balance account opening on mobile appResourcesAnkit17 Sep 2017
There are many laptops available in this price bracket and I have seen some good brands with robust Ask Expert AnswersUmesh17 Sep 2017
I don't think VLC player is available in the App Store. They have removed VLC player from the storeAsk Expert AnswersIbu N17 Sep 2017
Member of the Month Award for Aug 2017ForumHafeez16 Sep 2017
Member of the Week Award 28th Aug to 3rd Sep 2017ForumHafeez16 Sep 2017
Super Contributor Awards August 2017 - Article section WinnersForumHafeez16 Sep 2017
Thanks for the award Hafeez and everyone else for their wishes.Forum ResponsesAnkit16 Sep 2017
Is it advantageous to become an international student?ResourcesSpiderWorks Staff16 Sep 2017
I think it is something to do with your service provider. Generally in these phones there are two SAsk Expert AnswersUmesh16 Sep 2017
It seems you ran some application which essentially blocked your admin account. And now you'd have tAsk Expert AnswersMahesh15 Sep 2017
Congratulations Ankit! You have been doing great contribution here at Techulator. Keep up the gooForum ResponsesDarshan15 Sep 2017
Confusion in apply for AdSenseAsk Expert QuestionsRizwan13 Sep 2017
Here is the pic.Ask Expert AnswersTsewang Rigzin13 Sep 2017
And also i am in India now.Ask Expert AnswersTsewang Rigzin13 Sep 2017
But in network modes it only shows wcdma/gsm , wcdma only and gsm only . No lte mode.Ask Expert AnswersTsewang Rigzin13 Sep 2017
Hi Timmappa Kamat, Thank you for the comment. We(Indians) followed your online banking and disabAsk Expert Answersmurugesan13 Sep 2017
The problem solved. The issue was charger connector was faulty. It is now replaced and working nicelAsk Expert AnswersParesh Gujarati13 Sep 2017
I totally agree with you Umesh. It is a craze which is chasing the urban population towards somethiForum ResponsesAnwesha13 Sep 2017
Samsung note-4 sm910h smart phone was the model released for Asia pacific areas and is based on GSM/Ask Expert AnswersUmesh13 Sep 2017
There could be some bad contact situation at the gold plated contacts between battery and phone. YouAsk Expert AnswersUmesh13 Sep 2017
Blind race for latest gadgetsForumUmesh13 Sep 2017
Hi Dashrath. Welcome to this technical discussion and knowledge sharing site. I hope being a technicForum ResponsesUmesh13 Sep 2017
Hi Anwesha, Thank you very much for great response. Will go through the basics first as per your giForum ResponsesDashrath Dere12 Sep 2017
Best Smart Speakers to Buy in 2017ResourcesAnwesha12 Sep 2017
Hi Gaurav, Earlier we were encouraging cross linking from sister sites but the rule was withdrawn aForum ResponsesWebmaster12 Sep 2017
Hi Dashrath, Welcome to our technology based site Techulator. This is a site where you can share youForum ResponsesAnwesha12 Sep 2017
How to know which site has gained the maximum viewsForumAnwesha12 Sep 2017
Hi Gaurav, please don't think that your articles have been rejected. they have been shifted to the PForum ResponsesAnwesha12 Sep 2017
Dumpspdf is the best site for Microsoft Real Exam Questions. It sends you proper process to registraResource ResponsesAbbott Clarence12 Sep 2017
Introduction Myself, Dashrath DereForumDashrath Dere12 Sep 2017
How and where to get the film roll developed now-a-days?Ask Expert QuestionsJagdish Patro11 Sep 2017
Rejection of articles for submitting linksForumGaurav10 Sep 2017
Mac Data Recovery solution is very efficient and enables you to almost all the files inaccessible frResource ResponsesAlma Moretti09 Sep 2017
Please suggest me laptop in budget of Rs. 30,000Ask Expert QuestionsParesh Gujarati08 Sep 2017
Battery problem with Redmi MI 2 phoneAsk Expert QuestionsParesh Gujarati08 Sep 2017
Looking for best phone in all departmentAsk Expert QuestionsMohammed Imran08 Sep 2017
I totally agree with you. When we go searching for a particular information on the latest released gForum ResponsesAnwesha07 Sep 2017
Thanks Timmappa for those encouraging words. It feels really great to receive such moral support froForum ResponsesAnwesha07 Sep 2017
Can i use 4g in samsung note 4 sm910h??Ask Expert QuestionsTsewang Rigzin07 Sep 2017
Mushrooming of technical sites in internetForumUmesh06 Sep 2017

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