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Internet is a boon for the ones that know how to use it in a productive and positive manner – an immense storehouse of facts and figures; happenings and occurrences; a timeline of everything that happened at any time on the earth or the space or the deep oceans; a largest trend alert channel; a medium to connect, share and work with loads of different people even if they are miles apart. The statement – Internet is what you make of it; is one of the most apt statements ever made for the internet.
Well, the internet, the browsers, how to search, how to download, how to share one connection, how to create your own hotspot, how to use internet in a maximum possible extent, how to browse files that are generally not reachable and every other thing that can be associated with Internet and Browsers is hosted, asked, discussed, planned, described and taught at the internet discussion forum of
Welcome to the world we know as Internet…!!

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