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    Discuss: What type of display are you using?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What type of display are you using and what is benifit of using the different type of monitors?'.
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    I am using the CRT monitor that is cathode ray tube monitor as it has good resolution in comparison with the others monitor but the problem with its size, it is space consuming and offers less flexiablity to the users.

    The one advantage of it is that it has the side view angle of the 180 degree so it is easy to view the image with the same resolution and without too much fluctuation and in case of others monitors the angle is 169 to 175 degree and it doesnot produce the sharp image as the fluctuation are produced in it.

    One more disadvantage of using the CRT is that it consume too much power in comparison withe other monitors.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Yes you are correct, it will consume lot power and it produces lot of heat and the advantage of using it is you can view the monitor from the side of the monitor, which cannot be possible in LCD or TFT screen,

    Another disadvantage is that it is so very to move from one place to another and radiation level also more compared to LDC and TFT, better wear an Ultra Violet glass to protect your eyes.

    Always old is gold, even though it has so much of disadvantages.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    I am not agree with chirag that CRT monitors has good resolution in comparison to LCD monitor.

    LCD monitors has much more good qualities than CRT monitors and has very less disadvantages.

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    It is not the resolution, it is about the view.In a LCD monitor we can view the monitor from straight view We can view the monitor from the side that is from 180 degree and that will show a faded image with LCD or TFT monitor. If that is possible in LCD monitors than it will be good.

    CRT is having lot of disadvantages compared to TFT and LCD monitors.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hi Jeya Kumar,

    I have a LCD monitor. As other said CRT monitors have better brightness and can produce the true colours. The problem with LCD monitors is the view angle. If you look at the LCD monitor from an angle more than the given view angle, you cannot see the picture clearly. Where as in case of CRT monitors, you can see the picture clearly from any direction. The CRT monitors reproduce correct colours and consume more power.

    The only disadvantage of CRT monitors is that they are bulky and consume more power. The CRT monitor is affected by magnetic fields nearby.

    But my vote is for CRT monitors if you want to see crisp clear images in your computer.


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