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    Windows 7 password reset

    Kid's computer was locked due to wrong password. I am looking for an easy way to recover or reset the password so we can regain access to it.
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    Hi Harsh,
    There is a tool that can do this work easily. Please go through this article - Best Tool to Reset Your Windows Password

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    Do you have other user accounts on the computer ? because you can get into computer and reset the wrong password for your locked Windows 7 ,

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    @ Ankit thanks for the suggestion. I will check out.

    @Jamlser, no only an admin and guest account on that computer

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    This is the method recommended by my sister. Her condition is the same as yours.But she quickly solved the problem. i hope you can ,

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    My preferred method is to boot to a Live CD, rename C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe to utilman.exe. After rebooting to the Windows log in screen, the Ease of Access button should open a command prompt that allows you to create a local user account that you can use to log in (or enable the built-in administrator account) using "net user".

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