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    How to know which site has gained the maximum views

    As bloggers and online writers, we all are chasing the height of gaining more and more viewership. We try our best to spread our name, get more viewers drawn to our site, page or article. We try to follow all the rules that have proved to be the key to attract viewers and readers. Today when everything on the internet gets its count based on statistical reports, I am curious to know, if there is any site or app that records which site has gained the maximum popularity in a given time frame, say, in the last week, month, a year or so.
    As we bloggers here are concerned with SEO and our earnings depend upon the number of visits to our page, it is important for us to know how things are going on the higher strata, and who got the highest rank in the recent days. I am looking for some similar information like we get to know the statistical report in Techulator itself.
    I request all our fellow members to join the discussion and share their knowledge on this. I think the discussion would be quite helpful for all of us and we can get to see some model sites who are doing the best these days.
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    Well, I am not sure if it can work or perhaps you know about it and looking for something else. I think Statscounter is one of the sites which keeps a close eye on the visitor activity and page views that your site receives in a day, a week and a year, once you register your site there.
    You can track every single detail of your site and blog along with visitors location, page views, google rank etc.

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