Nokia and BlackBerry Comeback - Will the resolve exhibit itself in the sales?

Nokia has been making headways these days. ITs new devices running on Android have been slated for a release soon. Will the hoopla around the revival of the companies manifest itself in the number of handsets they will be able to sell?
Both Nokia and BlackBerry were the brands that crated the mobile industry as it stands today. Once considered to be pioneers in different concepts, both of them could not stand the test of time and more importantly, the onslaught by Android. Now, they have embraced Android, but isn't it too late?
Yes, people are nostalgic about these two brands. They were the devices that they used as their first mobile phones. Nostalgia can definitely a deciding factor. We just hope that the new avatars of the brands have the word quality in them as well.
What are your views? Will they be able to topple the big names? With a lot of new brands like Xiaomi, Vivo and Gionee ruling the roost, will the great devices from the past years bounce back? Share your views.