How the "futuristic" computing technology would look like?

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops have been going through different changes past few years, and smartphones are replacing the usage of others in many cases. The network too underwent rapid change through these years, and we have experienced the changes through the 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity and now 5G has already made a sneak peak in the scenario.
But what next? The network speed is already been made instant, the coverage too has expanded much better than before. We can well imagine, that someday, it would achieve a 100% coverage, but even after that, what could be the next jump in this sphere?
Please share your knowledge on this, and it would be even more interesting if our friends can share their guesswork based on the trends and people's demand.
It says necessity is the mother of invention. Staying on this line, in which way do you want the technologist to help you out? You can count on your own requirement, or you can even think on behalf of the society.
Hope all our friends would participate.