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    How to improve the rank on Search engine?

    I am a new of this field. who can teach me some knowledge about SEO?
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    Our website is an professional construction equipment website. so the product is about heavy equipment. so the keywords are excavators, piling rigs, truck cranes and etc. so is there anyone also working for equipment website? How can we have a good rank on search engine?

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    I'm happy to have you Yunfengyu in our TEC family. Our Tec is a better platform to grow your writing skills. Also you can earn by yourself on writing articles and threads. We have Article section, Ask Experts section and Forum section. Good and unique content articles make a site on top notch in the search engine. As you are new to the site, try to read the guidelines before start working. And you can raise questions regarding works in the TEC. We are not teaching about SEO, we are providing ways to make a better place in SEO. Make your thread brief in order to explain more.

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    The best way to keep getting better search engine ranking would be to keep updating your content on a regular basis. Get top quality content for the site. You can take the help from professional content writers in the specific field. Sites like, or up work can help you find good writers. You can also invite professional bloggers to write a guest post in your site.
    Share your posts as much as possible across social media sites. Get your friends share them. Twitter and Stumble Upon can be of great help from that point if view.
    There are many other ways you can employ to improve your site ranking. This site contains a couple of options for you to follow. Search the site using the search feature at the top right.
    Good luck!

    Live....and Let Live!

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