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    Best online resources for learning VBScript

    Hi Friends,
    What are the best resources for learning VBScript ?

    After learning the basics, I'm interested to learn writing automated scripts for Outlook integration. Reading mails, Sending mails, Parsing text, doing some operations based on the type of the mail etc.

    Appreciate your valuable inputs at the earliest.
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    Outlook is the Microsoft product.
    To run the scripts you will need a plate form (VB.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, MS Office etc.)
    To learn script first you have to learn fundamentals of programming. Refer a book on vbscript.
    When you will learn how to write script, compile and run. Then you can go to next step i.e. script for managing outlook mail.
    For outlook you will need a reference to add into the project.

    Best of luck

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