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    Need a featured cashback design script for my website ?

    Hi all,

    I am getting interested to start e-commerce business on cash back rewarding website right

    However, I am not aware of features of design a website.

    I found this worthy... Because they offer all the features for a
    min price range.

    Even then I am confused from where to go to pick a script that can assist me in deploying all the features for my website.

    Looking after your response.
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    I can't suggest you any specific script. However I can tell you that this script is too expensive. The reason being this script is rip off of another script. Check the website buy now button, it has missing check out page. So that tells you something about how much serious that company is about business. So you should try to avoid such brands to buy things from. Also their demo page is broken. And you have to find some of the other brands for purchasing the coupon or cashback based design site.

    There is another script called cashbackengine. They are a bit pricey. Also the support and services price is a bit expensive as it is in USD. It costs around $199 USD for base price and additional addons. I don't know if it works with the Indian XML feeds of indian affiliate programs.

    Codecanyon has Coupon CMS. However this script is good for US and Canada based affiliate programs and merchants. So unless you have them in mind for targetting this option may not be for you.

    The best option for you is to check the freelance websites and ask for custom script.

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    Most of the scripts have different types of issues. There are lots of companies providing cashback script just like cashback engine, cashback script but none of them i have used. Moreover, scripts has almost same design for all the website which have used it, instead of color changing option or logo changing etc (as a example you can watch cashbackengine script). This thing has a bad impact for a professional website. Suppose, 5 websites has used same script, one of them is a spamming site, than a normal user can't trust on your brand due to design/development similarities. So, i can't recommend you any script for cashback website. If want to develop a professional one than you should have to contact with digital agencies which are developing these kind of projects like iLeadDigital who's guys are working on affiliate cms design and development ileaddigital(.)com/services/web-design/affiliate-cms-development. Apart from, there are lots of others companies which you can find by using google or any other search engine. To select a company for this purpose. First make sure you have checked its portfolio and find out the relevant projects. Anyways, thanks for making the nice efforts.

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    Great Appreciation on your comments ,
    As per your feedback,i analyzed the competition fine..And felt was perfect for me ...
    I got finalized with them after watching their case studies & client feedback ,& too they are fine with my regular updation what i wish to update in my site daily...Up to my expertise ,it is convenient for me ..

    And thanks for your participation & knowledge sharing.

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    I am also planning to start a website in the same niche. Is there any plugin in WordPress that lists the posts like deals ?
    Krishna Verma

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    I bought recently cashbackengine. It had a little bit problem but now everything ok

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    There are some sites who are offering cashback or coupon cashback website development on WordPress. One of such site is The testimonials are also encouraging. One can try that. There is some free trial period also.

    It is true that many online companies are offering such software on a low price and after sales they do not bother to take care of the customers grievances. I think we should be careful of such companies and without due research and surfing we should not venture there. It is also advised that after ascertaining the testimonials only, we should go ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I can say that unfortunately the support of cashback works not very quickly.

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