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    Discuss: Can Google beat Microsoft ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Can Google beat Microsoft ?'.
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    Both are good competitors. Exactly opposite to each other, Microsoft is making money from their products whereas Google is earning money from the Google Ads and Google is making everything for free.Bing search engine is also good as Google Search engine in recent years. Wait for some more years to see more competition from both of the software giants.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Both are leaders in their own field.But so far as overall profit is considered it will be very hard for google to beat microsoft. This is possible only when google moves to hardware as well.

    Krishna Verma

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    Hello Vaibhav,

    My vote goes to both Companies stand as on.
    Google and Microsoft both are moving one on one in computer and other technology market now.
    No chance of others to stand in the row.
    They are amazing companies to built products for humans.

    Best of luck

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    In terms of revenue Google will sustain for ever, they may or may not have earned what Microsoft has achieved now, but their Growth is always exponential and continous. Microsoft will saturate at one level.

    May be they know that when they initially released Windows thats why to avoid saturation they are releasing new new version. Patience of the customer or consumer how ever you call is limited, nobody wants to keep changing their working platform. Even myself I'm moving to UBUNTU 10.04 today as my XP crashed 2 days lapse. I will not recommend this for others now. you must have basic knowledge on Linux before migrating in to it if at all you want to.

    I would say survival of Microsoft windows is a question in future, very soon consumers will realize but it will be atleast 2-3 years. (my guess)

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    In field of Operating system, The Microsoft has beaten not only the Google but also the other companies also, no one has till now made a window that will help the people to do something new and different.

    Whereas in the field of search engine no one is capable of beating the Google as Google has all the stuff that you want and enrich yourself with knowledge and each keyword of small to high that is no search engine other than Google is capable of doing search operations faster than Google.

    The Microsoft has launched its MSN engine to beat the Google but doesn't gain that much popularity that much expected from the MSN engine.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    In technical point of view we can't compare each other .. both are standalone in there field..

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    It is difficult to answer your question. Microsoft and Google are running parallely and progressing in their own fields. Microsoft is making money in selling their products and Google is getting money through Google ads. So it is impossible to say who will beat whom at present.


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