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    Discuss: Do you think Microsoft Office 2010 is better than MS-Office 2007?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think Microsoft Office 2010 is better than MS-Office 2007?'.
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    Definitely yes, but it will take time for us to get used to it like hoe it happened before while we shifted from office 97 - office XP and from office 2003 to office 2007

    Every time the appearance is different, they are making it more customized easy to use and secure. It will take some time for the product to get final shape with full featured security

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    I think it is better than 2007, as it also offers backward compatibility in which we can even make 2010 document in the 2007, but most of people have installed 2007, few people have 2010,so while transfer data you have also take 2010 setup of your word package into USB or any device along with the document, In case he doesn't have 2010 then installed 2010 in his computer or either ruse the feature of backward compatibility.

    Use it it will have a lot of advanced features in it.

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    Hello Rajendran,

    I will prefer Microsoft Office 2007 than 2010.
    Because I didn't used 2010 yet.

    Best of luck

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    Well,Thanks to all.

    My opinion is that Microsoft will make MS office better than MS office 2007.Already we knew that Ms office 2007 has the more features and best user interface compared to Ms office 2003.

    This time also Microsoft will make big difference.I work on with Ms office 2010 Beta.It has the specific features like minimize 'Starting Up Office Logo display' and Menu options are changed.

    users will definitely love this edition.

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    Office 2010 should be better than office 2007. 2010 is a improved version of office 2007 and it include more features.

    Office 2010 will not support Windows XP (64-bit) and Windows 2003 server.

    Some of the new features in Office 2010 include are
  • Customized ribbons

  • Improved security

  • Sparklines in Excel using which you can embed charts

  • Powerpivot for excel

  • PowerPoint broadcast using it you can share with anyone easily

  • Paste preview which will show the preview of what you going to paste

  • Conversation view in outlook

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