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    Core 2 and Core 2 Duo Processors?

    What is the difference between Core 2 and Core 2 Duo Processors?
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    Both of them are referring to the same type of processor. Dual Core means processor which is internally divided in to 2 cores. Core 2 is the first generation of the core processor where as Core 2 duo is the second generation of Dual core processor. Difference between them is the speed of the processor.

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    Try to get the processor no like P8700 or T9766 some number will be there, just Google that or check in inlet's site.

    The processor architecture is very important in terms of heating functionality etc...

    Latest intel's processors in commercial use are like 40nm based or something similar to that.

    Pentium D is a Dual core processor but not Core2 type. Core 2 architecture is developed to avoid heating of the processor. This heating was the flaw in design of Pentium D type processors.

    Core2 is already replaced with core i3 i5 and now i7

    Commercial release of these latest processor in Asia and Africa will be based on the success in US and Europe as usual.

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