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    Datatransfer not good

    Datatransfer from client to server is not good in LAN network.

    mainly what is the Reasons for this problem ?

    how to avoid this probelm ?

    Thanks in Advance.
    venkata krishna.p
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    Hello venkata krishna ,

    I don't agree on you that data transfer is not good. Its actually good because:
    1.The transfer speed is very fast.
    2.With this sharing feature, you can copy and paste files/folders with any size or format.

    Best of luck

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    Yes it is possible, at times data transfer speed can be pulled down. There are several possibilities and reasons

    Before any thing, check if the client machine is infected or any registry errors!

    Point no 1 : What is the topology of the network.
    point no 2 : Capacity of the network exceeded?

    There is limit for number of users in the network based on the hard ware resources available. if the number exceed it could cause some problem.

    Point no 3: check if the file server is infected by any virus or malware

    Point no 4: 90 % of the network problem is due to connecting cables and the interface(RJ 45 jacks)

    I'll be more than happy if any of this works for you.

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    thanks for your information,

    in client systems some log files will genrate,

    is there any chance of log files will make the datatransfer slow.

    thanks in Advance.
    venkata krishna.p

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    No, never, log files are just text files. It cannot cause ant problem.Infact it helps finding out what has happened which eventually will help the network administrators to solve the problems
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    Log files will be created on the fly. If the log file is more of size or you want to move many log files for bigger size then it will be a problem. Also consider about the log files. If you are keep in updating the log file one day the log file will be filled. So try creating log files for each day one month.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    1. Network Adpater/Card Speed

    2. Speed of Hub/Switch used

    3. No of Users Using the network and thier band width Usage

    4. Virus

    5. Hard disk Speed

    6. Network Protocol Used

    7. Software used to transfer data
    if you are using some software to transfer then
    the software may be badly designed

    8. Speed of the computer

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    what are the softwares used for data transfer.
    how we will deside its good or bad ?

    thanks for all your words.

    venkata krishna.p

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    At most of the times, you can not able to transmit data to the reviver at the fast speed, it is due to the fact that either the device used in the inter mediator between two has problem or either the problem is with the the hardware and software either on the client or either on the server side.

    sometimes, the problems like noise and attenuation are the causes of this problem as they will distort the original information into such format which is difficult for the user to understand.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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