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    Discuss: Best Antivirus software to protect windows?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Best Antivirus software to protect windows and the reason why it is best?'.
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    Hi Jeya,

    Symantec Antivirus is the best anti virus in the world. It contains all the virus definition which is needed to any antivirus. If any antivirus does't update its virus definition then that it useless.

    And symantec have a capability to remove all the viruses from the computer. Whenever we start our computer it automatically starts updating virus definition and also starts scanning the computer. So,I am with the symantec Antivirus.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    According to my opinion avast antivirus is the best. The avast antivirus is a free antivirus and it gives good protection to the system. The avast antivirus does not require more CPU usage. In all the aspects avast can be told as the best antivirus among the other free antivirus available. But when you go for buying the antivirus, you can go for the Kaspersky which is best. But according to me for the home PC it is enough if you go for the free antivirus. That too avast antivirus is the best one. The avast antivirus can be downloaded online from the for free. This offers good protection to the system. You will be provided an avast key for the free registration.

    I am using the Avast antivirus for more than 4 years and i find it to be the best antivirus among the other antivirus.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
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    Site Coordinator, Tamilspider

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    In my opinion macfee is the best antivirus available.
    It works really well and detects all type of viruses.
    Thus I prefer to use it.

    Krishna Verma

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    Hello jeyakumar,
    The best antivirus I prefer is AVG antivirus. The reason why I prefer AVG antivirus is that I have experienced a lot of problems with the use of other antivirus in my computer especially when I work online. Nowadays more and more virus is being developed in internet world, but without the best antivirus when in online will make our computer to get affected. So use the best antivirus to work with.
    Let me tell you one example of my real experience. When I bought laptop, I used AVG antivirus, but without someday it got outdated. So I uninstalled that antivirus and used some other. Within someday, my laptop crashed. I phoned to my brother and said this, then he suggested me to install AVG and told to update. Then after updating I scanned the whole system and my laptop worked properly. So when you use internet, be sure to install AVG antivirus.

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    Hai Jeya

    I am using Avast anti virus and its very good.

    It is guarding my computer very well.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    Considering the cost of the antivirus, Symantec and McAfee is costly and it is considered to be one of the best antivirus. Most of the companies are using either Symantec or McAfee, because they give more features and support to their customers.

    Almost the same protection is given by free antivirus software's like AVG, Avast. Home users can use the free software to get the basic protection to their computers.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello All

    I have been using Avast Antivirus since 2002. It is been 8 long years that I have never been affected by big infections of viruses since I am using Avast Antivirus.

    My belief on this Antivirus became more strong when in 2005 I was working on Yahoo Groups and the Yahoo Groups Servers were heavily infected with viruses and for every moderation in the group, I got the protection. Then since 2008, when I started to explore the virtual world and online working made me search for information online, Avast Free edition gave me the requisite protection.

    Because of Avast Protection, I also got the fame that I was approached by everyone to get their pendrives cleaned and yet, my system used to stay safe and I could boast about my antivirus.

    And regarding updates, Avast updates its virus definitions 2 to 3 times daily.

    That is why I have a life time belief set on Avast Antivirus.

    Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane

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    I have used Mc Afee and Kaspersky. I am not aware of the price of mc afee, as it was already installed when i bought my system but the price of kaspersky internet security seems to be very less compared to other security software. At system level i like Kaspersky as it has more functions. I have not tried it while using internet yet.

    Kaspersky comes with a single, double and triple PC usage services for a period of one year.

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    First I used McAfee antivirus with my windows vista system.
    It directly sit on RAM and provide the virus protection.The McAfee is good.
    But Now i use the Kapersky Internet security in my windows 7's very good in the windows 7.kaspersky provides good virus protection ansd against online threats and phishing.My selection goes to Kaspersky Antivirus.


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