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    How to know whether my Ask Expert question reached to 1000 views or not?

    Hello Webmasters and members,

    I don't know how to know the unique visitors of my Ask Expert questions. What is the instant way to check it? I am guessing that some of my AE questions may got near about 1000 visitors. Suggestion needed.
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    Hello Priyabrata Das,
    Generally, WMs and Editors keep watching all the threads and if any question receives more then 1000 organic clicks from Google. The question is awarded instantly.
    To check the traffic of your questions, you can check out your particular question. There you can find a clickable link "Check Traffic". You can click that and check the traffic of your question.
    You need not to worry at all, your question will be awarded 100 as soon as it crosses 1000.

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    We have stopped monitoring threads to check if they have reached 1000 views. You have to check yourself and report in the forum if they have reached 1000 page views.

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    Tony Sir, I know it. But I am asking how to know how many visitors for one AE question?
    Priyabrata Das

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    Since the earlier practice of counting the visitors automatically has been stopped by Techulator, you have to count the number of visitors manually to know whether the visitors to your question have reached over 1000 or not.

    For this purpose, you have to click on the "Check traffic" link which is available next to your Ask expert question. Count the total number of visitors to your question from the results displayed by clicking on "Check Traffic" link. In case you find that your question has reached 1000 views, you can make a separate thread to inform the webmasters that your question has reached 1000 visitors, then make a request to the webmasters to award you for this question as some other members have started doing. You will be awarded Rs.100 for your question.

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    When you click on the "Check Traffic" link in the threads, it shows in the bottom how many page views that page has reached.

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    Hello member

    This is very good question about the page. You can check the page view details in the ask expert. where is the option available in check traffic status, You can click on the option ans where you can check the page view detail .

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    Actually You can check your question traffic by day basis , weekly basis , monthly yearly and all time . When you click the tab which you want to view they display total view at button .

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