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    No Cash Credits for Answering Questions in "Ask Experts" Section

    Hello Techulator Team & Members,

    Lately I have answered around 5-6 Questions in Ask Experts Section.All the posts are quality,free from errors and to the point.

    Still for some unknown reasons there is no cash credit offered for any of my answers.Earlier when I used to answer the questions I was awarded with Cash Credits but It is not the case now.

    The only thing I did was that I posted the answers as Anonymous. Does it have an impact on Cash Credits/ Can anyone from techulator or any of the members clarify on this?
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    Cash credits are given when the answers are approved by our editors. Some of your answers are not yet reviewed by editors and that is the reason you don't see any cash for them. Your answers will be reviewed soon.

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    Don't fret about it. As said above by Tony sir, your answers are not yet reviewed. So, you could see no cash credits for them. Please be patient and our editors will soon have their eye on your replies. Meah while, along with AskExperts, try to contribute more in other sections too. So that you can earn more.
    M Suman Kumar

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    Dear Sharavan , Don`t worry Our editors takes some time to approve you answer after approval your answer of any question cash and points credit on account according to your answer .

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    Hello Shravan,
    Ask Experts section at Techulator is a hugely popular section. There are many queries raised in Ask Experts and many answers posted regularly. Due to this, not all queries and answers get approved immediately as the editing process takes some time. It is advisable to be patient and wait for all our answers to be approved. I don't think posting answers with the name as "Anonymous" makes any difference or stops us from earning cash credits for quality posts. So, if your answers are really good, you will soon earn cash credits for them. Please be patient and keep contributing quality posts in all sections of Techulator.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Posting of answers as 'Anonymous' does not affect the allocation of cash credits to your answers. Only thing that you should do is to watch whether your answer is reviewed by the editors or not. The text of the reviewed questions and answers will appear in 'blue' colour. You can always keep a watch at your answers by clicking on the option "My responses' in Ask Experts Section and see whether your answers have been reviewed or not. If, these are still pending for review, then you have to wait patiently till your answers are reviewed by the editors. As soon as, these are reviewed, you will find cash credits given to each of your answers.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Hi Shravan,

    Your answers are yet to be reviewed as Mr Tony said already. Please wait for some time as it will be reviewed soon. Till then you can keep contributing in the same section as well as other sections. Please do not feel like losers.

    The Ask Expert answers are awarded with cash credits only when these answers are to the point and accurate. So try to answer in such a way that you would get enough cash credits.

    With Best Regards,


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