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    Adsense revenue from Techulator is awesome!!

    I don't contribute to Techulator very frequently and to be frank I don't even login very frequently. But my very limited posts in Techulator is providing me very decent Adsense revenue every month. I hardly have 5 resources and few expert answers. This alone gives me around $10 every month. I am very sure earning $100 per month will not be a big issue, if one post one article per day with proper SEO techniques.
    If possible can the webmaster tell which position of ad is performing well in Techulator. It will be helpful for new bloggers and your tips related to ad placement in Techulator.
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    According to your thread,This time you earn $10 every month through Adsense account. But you can increase this earning . You should continue your contribution on all section of techulator like product review, article posting with the best and high qualities contain .

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    You are quite right. I am making much more than the monthly threshold of $100 from TEC alone and add to that the good performance of Kontera here, so overall TEC is doing great for me!

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    Yes, We have many awesome things in TEC. Adsense revenue is really good here in comparison to other sites. And it totally depends on the kind of contribution if a member. If you can contribute great resources on regular basis, you can get the best revenue here.
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    Hi Ganesh,
    Good to hear that you are able to earn decent adsense income despite not being a regular at Techulator. Just imagine the potential of techulator if you can manage to contribute atleast 1-2 articles every week and few Ask Expert answers / queries every day. Keep contributing consistently at TEC and I am sure you will soon be posting a thread here about earning more than $100 as google adsense earnings from Techulator. Good Luck!

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Thank you all for your responses. I have been an active contributor in ISC since its inception and got my Adsense account approved in the year 2006. I have received checks already from Google. Due to hectic schedules in my office and my preparation for Civil service, I rarely do come to post articles. I concentrate myself in Ask Experts. Now I have decided myself that I should post at least an article per week. Hope I will do. Thank you all for you valuable suggestions. I owe for what I received here in TEC.
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Hello Ganesh,
    Techulator is a technology site and technology is most searched topic on internet. So, the more you post on Techulator, the more you earned. So keep posting in Techulator.

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    I think Techulator is giving high revenues through Google Adsense from the traffic that comes from abroad like US, Europe and other foreign countries. The revenues coming from such countries are comparatively high as most of the technical words, technologies are searchable very frequently in those countries. So I think writing technology related articles in Techulator makes more easy to earn high revenues through Google Adsense.
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