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    Does lengthy articles mean more cash credits?

    I have been observing some articles based on specs and features of smart devices being awarded with decent cash credits. But when it comes to my posts the story is completely different . I usually get just around 50-60. Could I know the exact reason for this problem? Do you credit more amount for lengthy articles? If the answer is exactly yes, then I will try my best to produce big articles. This thread is not to corner anyone but to improve my performance in Techulator.
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    Most authors are getting the same amount as you. Only a few spec articles might get higher cash due to some reasons. For example, TEC might publish press releases sometimes. These are tasks are specially assigned for which the authors are given higher cash.

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    Hello Suman, of course the answers of your topic is no. I had written many lengthy articles but they all are rewarded with low points and cash credits. It needs the creativity in the article you are posting. They will reward you with the good points and cash credits if you are doing this.


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    I am not at all satisfied with the way editors are recognizing the members through rewards( credit ). Infact, it's quite discouraging me to contribute in TEC. I still don't understand why these discrepancies are being shown. Could you mention the precise reasons?

    For example: The spec based articles written by Sukhdev ji, are getting a minimum of 100 credits. Do you treat the Editors with some priority?

    M Suman Kumar

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    First of all length does matter in the articles. Bigger the article better can be your cash.

    Secondly, Sukhdev sir is a highly efficient author whose articles are error free and are of high quality. That is one of the reasons why he gets higher cash that other authors. There is no differentiation between articles of members and Editors, the difference is just based on the quality of articles.

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    Thanks for bringing the issue to notice. We don't differentiate between editors and members while reviewing of articles. We will review the issue and take corrective actions if required.

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    I think only quality articles get high cash rewards for very good English, quality content and other related information. As per my personal experience, I don't think that lengthy article gets a high cash reward and there is no difference between member and editor while awarding cash for any resource/article/post etc. This is a wrong perception. However webmaster has taken up the matter, if any issues really exist as said, then definitely he or she will take necessary actions. Please keep contributing and enjoy here.
    With Best Regards,


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    Some of the articles are paid higher because they are written on specific request by us and covers specific points within a short notice. We need such authors because we often get requirements to write articles on certain launch events and the article has to be prepared and published within few hours of notice. We do pay higher credits for such articles because of the efforts in producing the article with a short notice and also for the consistent and reliable delivery of the article.

    Other articles are paid according to the creativity involved, efforts put to produce and the overall value added to the site by the article.

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    First of all I am not agreeing with the statement lengthy articles mean more cash credits. This is because approve and point or cash are not depends on the length of articles. Cash and point of articles depend on the qualities and skill of writing as well as it also depends on rules and regulation of Techulators.

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    If you observe the co-relation between the artcile and the cash credits and points allotted; you would note that th points and credits are not as per length. The cash credits and points are allotted in proportion with the value of that article as per the keyword usage, popularity of the tags, popularity of the topic, and various SEO criteria.
    Namita Terse

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    I have been associated with Techulator for sometime now and was even part of the resource editor team for sometime (though couldn't continue due to personal hectic schedule). I know for a fact that there is no discrimination between different article writers while rewarding cash credits. There are a number of factors involved while assigning cash credits to an article like:
    -Number of mistakes in the article as it forces the editors to spend plenty of time correcting them.
    -Better usage of writing skills for product features and review about particular product.
    -The relevance of the article to techulator.
    -Usage of keywords and images.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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