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    Changes in Techulator Reward Programs

    Techulator has been running several reward programs and our members have been enjoying many benefits. However, it has become extremely difficult to manage some of the reward programs we have. For example, we have a program where we offer Rs 100 cash credit to every question that reach 1000 page views. It was an easy job in the beginning but now it has become really tough job to find the threads that crossed the target due to the large number of threads we have there. Same is the case with "Highest traffic resource of the month" award.

    To invest our money and efforts in the right direction, we are making some important changes:

    1. We will no longer announce the Rs 100 cash credits for Ask Expert questions that reached 1000 page views. Instead, you can request/claim the Rs 100 reward if any of your AE threads reached that level. You can periodically check the traffic in your threads and make a forum request for the claim.

    2. We are discontinuing the "Top traffic resource of the month" award due to the difficulties in identifying the resource with the highest traffic.

    3. We will no longer offer the Rs 10,000 monthly revenue sharing.

    Instead of the discontinued awards, we will have few other programs for members:

    1. In Forum, Resources and Ask Experts section, we will have "Super Contributor Awards". Top 3 contributors of these sections will be awarded every month.

    2. We will start a new resource contest every week.

    3. We will pay better cash credits for all high quality articles and Ask Expert answers.
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    A very good move as changes are good. Members will now get a better opportunity to earn cash. After all, it's an innovative idea to bring the changes. Hope Techulators members will enjoy all this contest.
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    We offer you our willingness and co-operation for the newly announced guidelines for awards offered on Techulator. Kindly clarify about the quantum of cash credits for "Super Contributor Awards". Will the quantum of cash be equal for all the five super contributors in the Forums, Articles and Ask Experts Sections? Your decision to announce articles contest on weekly basis is a welcome step. We also appreciate your decision to give more cash credits for high quality articles and answers. Kindly announce the guidelines for the revised cash credits for the same.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Hi Webmaster Sir

    Thanks you so much for announcing new contest and program in Techulator. I hope It will help all the member.

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    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Did you mean to say that now you will not reward revenue share bonus to top 15 contributors of month. Please explain me about the first third point.


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    You got it right, there will no longer be any Revenue Share bonus.

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    Hello Tony Sir,
    Thanks for sharing the details about the changes in Techulator reward programs. Indeed, the changes seem good and they will motivate TEC members to keep contributing quality posts at Techulator. I am really looking forward to these new changes and will try my best to win some reward by performing consistently.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Thanks webmaster to announce new reward programs but I have some doubt in our new reward program .For example how can we count and claim for Rs 100 cash credits for Ask Expert questions

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    You can click on the "Check traffic" link which is available next to your Ask expert question. You can check the total page views to figure out the count. If it has reached 1000 views, you can post in the forum like a member has done - Best Expert Question and we will award you with Rs 100.

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    Hi Tony Sir,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information and starting new reward programs.

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