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    To editors. what is a poorly written article??

    To editors,

    My post has been deleted by the editor and the reason was that this article was poorly written and not worth it.

    Can you please explain what is a poorly written article and what parameters you use to decide the "worth" of an article??
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    Your article has been reviewed again and is approved now. The editor has been informed of the same. Please let us know if you face any such issues.

    Please note the following review comments and use it in future:
  • When you are using the h2 tag for headings, you do not need to make it bold too.
  • You have used so many images for a 500 word article. I have removed a image. Try to use only a few images in future.
  • Use the align='left' and align='right' tags with the image src to avoid so much of space in the article.
  • When you are using the heading tags, do not use so much of space unnecessarily. The tags already put some space after the heading.
  • The article summary was not search friendly. You need to add content which people would search for.
  • Review your work several times before submission.

  • Generally, the grammatical mistakes in the article was negligible. So, You can work on the overall look of the article and keep in mind that good articles will contain a minimum of 750 words.

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    But why was it deleted on first place? I understand your reasoning about h2 spaces and bold fonts but that must not be a reason for rejection. Must surely keep your suggestion in mind for future. But just curious to know how did the editor come to conclusion that it was a poorly written and not worth it.

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    The editor has deleted it based on some of the reasons cited earlier. But as you said, it shouldn't have been deleted. That is why we said that the editor has been informed of the same. Do let us know if you face anymore issues.

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    Poor or low quality of article means , grammatical mistakes , mismatch use of HTML tags in your articles . If your articles have less words or short description then our editors remove your articles by reason poor qualities.

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    First of all, your article must have been rejected initially, but it was subsequently approved awarding you 45 points and equal cash credits. The poorly written articles are those, which do not confirm to the policy guidelines on writing of articles for Techulator. An article must not be very short. You should adhere to the word limit as prescribed in the rules. It should be properly organised in paragraphs by giving appropriate html paragraph headings. The article should be written in a fairly good English, especially taking care of the grammatical rules and spelling. The rules of capitalization should be followed. SMS type of language should not be used. The sentences should be as simple as possible. There should not be repetition of the same ideas again and again in the article. Keyword spamming should be avoided. There should be no copyright violation. Images should be in accordance with the length of the text of your articles. Too many images will overtake the importance of what you want to convey in the article.

    I have not edited your article, but going through your now approved article, I still find that there are errors in it. In the summary, the word 'japanese' should be written as 'Japanese'.

    The starting single inverted comma is missing in word 'getting started'. In the same paragraph, the word 'Android' has been written with a small letter as 'android'.

    The word 'friend' should be changed to 'friends' in the construction 'each of your friend'.

    Free SMS'es is a wrong use of the plural form of the word.

    Space bar should be pressed before the opening bracket in the following construction 'SMS worldwide(or select countries)'.

    The word 'be' is missing in the following construction 'you will not able to play it'.

    The following sentences are wrong : "Apart from Video calling and Voice chatting. It does not offer Voice recording, a feature well provided by Nimbuzz and other messengers in the market." There should be a comma after 'chatting' and 'It' should be written as 'it'.

    These are some of the errors found in the approved article. I do not know how many corrections must have been carried out by the editor, who reviewed your article. So, these examples are enough to let you know "What is a poorly written article?"

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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