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    Articles are deleted, webmaster please give reason

    Hello webmaster, My given below articles are deleted only due to the poor english and many other reasons. First is approved by editors and when I ask to reward it with more points then it get deleted. Please check it and give me the reason so that next time or allow me to edit them again.

    I think this is the not main to delete my articles. There is some other reason.

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    Reason for deleting your articles is poor English. The mistakes are already mentioned at the end of most articles.

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    @ webmaster, Is the mistakes were already mentioned before you deleted or mentioned after deleted.


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    There is a certain level up to which we can guide members in correcting language mistakes. Your game reviews practically had problems in each alternate sentence, we cannot help you correct a 1000 worded article sentence by sentence.

    The reasons were mentioned while deleting the articles to help you understand why they are deleted.

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    @ webmaster, Is you will allow me to correct the mistakes mentioned by you. I want a chance to correct and resubmit them. I will surely correct all the sentences.

    Arjun Singh

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    Correcting those sentence will practically mean writing those articles again. It will be better if you focus on new articles.

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    Ok, thanks sir. I will focus on new articles. Is game reviews will be better to write again.


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    Your English is not of enough quality to write reviews. It will be better if you just focus on spec based articles like you were doing earlier. Also, please don't send back articles for review if you think less cash has been given to them, spec based articles in general are given less cash only.

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    Expect my deleted game reviews, Is my other game reviews good quality English or not. Please give me other topic to write article so they will awarded with good cash credits.


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    We will be reviewing those again shortly.

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    Will you delete them also if they have not good quality English. Please allow me to post game reviews again once.


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    Yes, they might be deleted if we find too many mistakes in them. You are not suggested to post reviews unless you can write them in good English.

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    @ webamster, please review my this article. I had submitted this article before few minutes ago. In this article, I had tried to avoid all mistakes done in previous.


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    It still has many problems

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    Which type of problems, grammer or meaningless sentecnces

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    Now, I will post one more review with simple English and meaningful sentences. Hope that I will prove myself.


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    They are mentioned at the end of the article. Some are factual problems and most are English problems. I will explain 4 mistakes for your help:
    "It is the only windows based game which is finally launched this year"- it is completely wrong. They have been hundreds of games that have been launched for Windows in this year.

    " In the game, play as the towers and damage the alien machines." the sentence is not clear in its meaning. What do you mean to say?

    ""The game has an advance story which is exciting." you need to explain what advance is exciting? Don't make vague statements.

    "At once, you will get confuse while playing this game"- it should be written as "When you start the game, you might feel confused by its complex gameplay." or something else meaningful.

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    @ webmaster, I want to say two things sir -

    I am restricted from the articles section. Sir, I had not violate the any serious rule of techulator. Will you please let me allow to edit this resources. The link is -

    I want to correct the mistakes as suggested by you.

    webmaster, I have prepared one more game review and am surely that this resources will not have any repeated mistakes. So, I want to submit that resource and want to suggestion as well as feedback about this resource.

    So, allow me to post this game review article.


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    It is actually the automated system which has restricted you. If 5 articles are rejected back to back then you are automatically restricted for 5 days. The restriction will be removed automatically after 5 days and you need to wait till then. We cannot remove this restriction manually.

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    If you can't remove this restriction. So can allow me resubmit this article which is deleted by you. I will correct the article and resubmit it. So, automatically restriction will be removed. I want to re-submit given below article. Please help me otherwise I will lose my target of this month.

    If not, so please lock this thread soon as possible.


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