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    Very disappointed from this action of webmasters

    Hello webmasters,

    Today, I got shocked when I saw that my rewards of all high quality articles which are rewarded with 90 points are changed to 60 points. This had disappointed me a lot. My all articles are high quality and does not contain words less than 1200 words so why this action is adopted with me. I have noticed many other techulator who generally got 100 points rewards for their features and specifications articles so please not tell that all articles are specifications based. I think that techulator administration is not so much happy with my contribution and don't want me to work more at here. Please consider over my articles and give me specific reason.

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    You articles are spec based ones and can't get more than those credits. Try to write creative articles!

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    @ Fazl,

    Wow fazl, what a very good reason you have given. Is you think that I am fool and don't know this criteria. I think that in every post you give this same reason to every members who face this type of problem. So don't respond if not know exact reason. One more thing, I also know some of your spec based articles which are awarded with high points.

    Is article editors doesn't know that how much should they reward for specs based articles. No, they know. But my are not specs based so they rewarded it with good points and cash credits

    Listen that my articles are not specs based. I had given maximum details of product in the article. I had proof that my articles are not specs based. I am very - very much disappointed. Please make everything normal again.


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    Your articles are just like the ones posted when you were using your previous profile which is banned now. They are just specifications of the smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices. There is nothing in those articles which is unique, it is just what is available at other websites too.

    Some articles might be mistakenly approved with high cash but for most spec based articles Rs.50-60 is the common award.

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    My apologies Arjun,
    I may be trying to give this same reason to every such post but truth is bitter. And indeed, these are not my words as it is as per the statement by Webmasters.

    If you are so confident that your articles are not spec based ones, try proving. I don't think as you write articles in the below styled manner:




    Key Specs !!



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    First of all, forgot previous things. Now, You mean to say that my articles are specs based. So what about other members articles who post articles with this same format. Is those articles are not specs based. If you will give me warning instead of taking this action, I will not got disappointed. In my all articles, I will try to give maximum information like detailed features, price, availability and specifications. Please restore my previous points and apply this criteria for my future articles.

    If my articles are specs based, so please tell me that what's is the format of not specs based articles.


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    I generally write articles in below given style -
    Introduction - unique and different from article to article

    Detailed review of features and specifications - creativity and new lines

    Summary of features and specs - common format in all articles


    So, in which heading respected webmaster you have problem, everything in all headings is unique and different from other articles. Please.....please sir, check my articles again. Really sir, techulator is now part of my life and I like to contribute it more and more.


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    Acts cannot be forgotten so easily. Your previous cheating has cost TEC quite an amount of money as well as time of the editors.

    As for now, it was a mistake to give your articles so high cash when majority of spec based articles are being given a limited about of cash. We will take care the proper editing is done now to avoid such situations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please try to do comparison rather than just doing spec based articles. Compare similar gadgets, these topics will fetch good traffic as well as good cash. Compare particular specs of two or more gadgets in one paragraph like compare the physical dimensions of two or more gadgets in one para and similarly compare other features in individual paragraphs. You can also write on Top 10 smartphones of a particular brand or OS released this or in the previous year. Similarly, game reviews, troubleshooting and news articles are also good topics which require creativity and are nicely awarded.

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    Dear Arjun,

    First of all, you cannot declare yourself that all your articles are of high quality. They should meet the min requirements to get approved here. Also, not all lengthy articles deserve higher cash credits. You cannot argue like a kid here and one more thing, your grammar is also not that perfect(from your above responses).
    Once go through your articles:
    1.Article 1
    2.Article 2
    Haven't you copied those specs from

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    Ok webmaster. At last, I want to say that now I will write articles of comparison between two smartphones. Is they were rewarded with more than 50-70 points. I hope that now you will not disappoint me.

    One more thing, I know that my previously mistakes are not not forgettable. But my last 7 days contribution to techulator is also not forgettable. I hope that from past few days contribution will make you and Tony Sir to forgive me for my previous mistakes.


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    First of all, title of any article must be impressive. In fact the title determines the quality of an article. You articles' titles mostly include "- Features, specs and price".

    Secondly, don't include overview of specs. It looks shabby that someone writes about the specs of any product in detail and then provides its spec overview. It more-wise throws a repeated sense in articles. Instead of that, try including images, describing the specs of that product (column-wise).

    Thirdly, try to include some new points in your future articles that are not present on any Tech website.

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    Hello webmaster/editors,

    Can you help me to know that how Can I write review articles of smartphones and tablets which are not specs based. Please give me criteria of not spec based articles.


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    Practically the easiest way to write actual reviews is to use the device. As that is not always possible, the other option is to look for user reviews, people who have actually tried the device and see what pros and cons they found in those devices. A review is something which describes the working of the device for example a smartphone with good audio can be described as "XYZ smartphone has a good audio quality with enough clarity and loudness. The audio sounds good on speakers as well as on headphones." This is what a reader is expecting from a review, not the physical specifications but the quality of the product.

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    @webmaster, please take a review of the given below article. I had written a game review of more than 1000 words but still it is rewarded with only 65 points. Can please check it and give me suitable reason that what mistake now I had done in this article.


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    The achievements and the system specifications are just listed specs and do not require any hardwork to write. So those are excluded while evaluating the cash for the article.

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    @webmaster, sir please take the review of this article. I had taken your suggestions hardly in this article. This article I have prepared with hard work and not just listed specs and tricks. Please give your valuable response about this article.


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    @ webmaster, the above article is also even rewarded with less points. As suggested by you, I had avoided all the mistakes in this article. So, please tell me that now what mistake I had done in this article?


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    Corrected. Good article but try to cover recently released games and not year old games.

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    Thanks so much sir. At this time, I have no words to express my happiness. I am very happy because this is my first article which is rewarded with 100 points. Sir, please apologize me for my previous mistakes. Again thanks very much for your valuable guidance. I had submitted one more article and hope that this will also rewarded with good points.


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