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    Can we get Adsense account through Techulator

    I've recently joined Techulator and want to create a new adsense account. I observed that many revenue sharing sites help their members to create an adsense account using their site. Is it possible with Techulator if so can anyone explain me the procedure to do so.
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    We no longer have the option to create AdSense accounts. However, if you already have a Google AdSense account, you may associate it in this site and earn revenue by posting valuable content here.

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    Hello P. Govind Raju, first of all welcome to techulator. It is right that there are many revenue sharing sites that helps member to create their adsense account but techulator is no more offers this opportunity. If you don't have your fully owned adsense account then you cannot associate it in the techulator. If you have already fully owned adsense account then you can easily associate it here. Remember that host limited google adsense account will also not work in techulator.

    Amit Singh

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    Thank you for your early reply Tony John sir. Actually I don't have an adsense account.
    @Amit sir I don't get your point of fully owned adsense account. Do you mean we cannot add our adsense account that is created from other revenue sharing sites. If so then how to get our own adsense account please halp me with this. Again thanks for your early reply.

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    Govind Raju,

    Those who already have an AdSense account can integrate it here. Read the details from the link, AdSense Revenue Sharing. The Google AdSense API revenue sharing program no longer works in Techulator.

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    @ P. Govind Raju, It is very good to see that you have consider over my response. It is right that you can't associate your hosted google adsense account in techulaor. Hosted google accounts are those which are approved through revenue sharing sites like,, youtube, hubpages, etc. So, you cannot use limited adsense account in techulator because techulator is no more offers this opportunity. If still you have any doubt, feel free to discuss in this thread.

    Amit Singh

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    @Ashley Ann Mathew mam, Thank you for your link.
    @amit singh Thank you for your response, it is very sad that I won't get adsense account through Techulator.

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    If adsense account from my personal blog at can't be associate with Techulator then what type of adsense are working with Techulator?
    At this point, I want to know one more thing, is Google AdSense API revenue sharing program too no longer going to work with

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    @ P Govind, yes at present you won't get Adsense account through Techulator.

    @ Nityananda, As said by Tony on first reply in this thread, you can associate your existing Adsense account with Techulator if you are a regular contributor. Another one is, at present API revenue sharing is working with ISC.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    @Hafeezur but @Amit Singh told that blogger account can't be associated.
    And, API is presently not working with ISC, new application to adsense is presently on hold.

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    Starting this year, Google is approving two types of Adsense accounts. One is a hosted account which works only on some sites like subdomains of blogspot, Hubpages and IndiaStudyChannel. If you have got your Adsense approved from a custom domain at blogger or if was approved before Jan 01, 2013 then you can associate your account right now and start earning from your contributions.

    In short, if your account is not a hosted account then it will work here.

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    @Nityananda Hazarika, It is right that you cannot associate your adsense account in techulator if is approved through blogger or any other revenue sharing sites like, youtube, etc before Jan 1. If you want to associate your adsense account with techulator then you need to get fully owned adsense account not host limited from blogger or any other revenue sharing website. Now, the question arises that how you can get fully owned adsense account? For getting fully owned adsense account you should have your own website with custom domain then you will get fully owned adsense account that will also work in techulator.

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    It's really a bad news. I should have joined Techulator earlier. I expected a lot in the field of blogging through Techulator and Indiastudychannel. Now it will be better for me to concentrate on my own blog.

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