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    Answering in Ask Experts section

    What are the requirements needed to answer in the 'Ask Experts' section. I have tried to answer a question asked in 'ask Experts' section, but I was directed to a error message screen. Can't we answer the questions in that section ? There are lots of questions of which I know the answers.
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    Dear Nityananda,
    While submitting the answer in Ask experts section, sometime the pages redirect to an error page; however the answers were got published. You can check those questions which you've answered; I'm sure you'll find your answers there. It happens sometime.
    In addition, try to give some healthy and relevant answers to the questions; answering the questions in just a single line will be not benefited to the questioner and for you to earn more revenue. Thanks!

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    As Naresh Kumar explained to you in his response, you are directed to the error page sometimes while submitting the answer in the Ask Experts Section, but your answer gets published and if you try to give the answer again, it will be published second time. This is what has happened when you answered the question "How to generate and convert videos for YouTube". This was published twice, and one of the answers is deleted by the editor. Moreover, you must give a comprehensive answer to the questions asked and not a one line or one sentence answer. You have given only a one sentence answer directing the questioner to a website. You will not get much cash credits or points for such answers, and sometimes, these will be deleted, if they are found irrelevant.
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    There is a bug in the system, that shows the error page when answering a question. However, the answer will still be accepted by the system. Please refresh the page to see if the response is present. We will try to resolve this error as soon as possible.

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    Hello Nityananda Hazarika, as said by our webmaster in the above response that there is bug in the system. I would like to suggest you to wait while our webmasters solve this problem. I hope that the will resolve soon by our webmaster. If you are facing problem in answering ask experts section then you can contribute your valuable contents to articles section. Also read the response of the sukhdev sir, as he had clearly explained your problem so try to post detailed answers and earn good money.

    Amit Singh

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